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Lambadi Software Developer P.L.C

Area of work
• Construction related work
• Construction media
• Networking
• Others

Lambadi software developer is the company that made this website possible.


To be the highest quality software developer in the world for high quality of service delivery.


Lambadi Software Developer P.L.C.’s mission is to develop, deploy and use information and communication so as to improve the livelihood of every Ethiopian and contribution to the development of country. The company works very hard to Improve the competitiveness of its clients’ by bringing in state of technologies and top-notch project expertise for their business with optimized cost by making software development easy and reliable for our clients. Helping our customer in ‘’overcoming limits ‘’of competitiveness, productivity, technology, complexity, time and budget constraints is our highest priority.

Business lines

Lambadi Software developer P.L.C. has a legal right to enter and deal with any business lines by its establishment. It has, however, currently licensed with:

1.Software Development


3.Networking and

4.Technical support

Main business activities

Currently the main activities of Lambadi Software developer P.L.C. are:

1)      Software Development

2)      Consultancy from small to big website and application development

Main Office
Namibia St Sheger House 4th floor Office No. 400A
Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: 0116 63 89 39
Fax: 0116 61 67 94
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Lambadi Software Developer P.L.C