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Awash Insurance S.C logoAwash Insurance S.C
Awash Insurance S.C provides diversified general and long-term insurance services to a continuously growing number of clients efficiently, competitively and.. more
Address: Awash Insurance S.C Head office Ras Abebe Aragay St / around national theater on...

Nyala Insurance logoNyala Insurance
We provide all kinds of General Insurance (Engineering.. more
Address: Nyala Insurance Head office PROTECTION HOUSE...

Berhan Insurance logoBerhan Insurance S.C.
provides very broad cover for damage to electrical and mechanical machinery and can include engineering inspection, a statutory requirement for certain items.. more
Address: Berhan Insurance Head office Sierra Leone St / Beklobet Yeshitam Building...

Ethio-Life and General Insurance S.C. logoEthio-Life and General Insurance S.C.
There are variations of covers for Construction Machinery, Machine Erection, Construction of Building & Road and Boilers against their respective risks... more
Address: Ethio-Life and General Insurance S.C. Head office Equatorial Guinea St Ziquala...

Nile Insurance Company S.C. logoNile Insurance Company S.C.
.. more
Address: Nile Insurance Company Head office 12836 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa Ethiopia...

Tsehay Insurance S.C
.. more
Address: Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa Ethiopia Phone: +251 111 11 98 16 / 27...

Abay Insurance logoAbay Insurance S.C
About Abay Insurance S.C.. more
Address: 5879 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Africa Insurance Company logoAfrica Insurance Company
Africa Insurance Company engages itself in all classes of general insurance. Its business dealings are tailored to meet the needs of its esteemed clients. Some.. more
Address: Head office Africa Ave/Bole Haile-Alem Bldg Around Friend Ship City Center...

Global Insurance logoGlobal Insurance
provides complete protection against all types of risks associated with erection, testing, commissioning of machinery, plant and equipment during.. more
Address: Global Insurance Head office Gobena Aba Tigu Street /Somale Tera Global Insurance...

Lion Insurance Company logoLion Insurance Company
Lion Insurance Company (S.C.) provides all general insurance products. These include motor, property, marine, engineering, bonds, pecuniary and liability.. more
Address: Lion Insurance Company Head office Haile Gebre Silase St/Near Axum Hotel Comet...

Ethiopian Insurance Corporation logoEthiopian Insurance Corporation
The Ethiopian Insurance Corporation provides more than 30 types of non life Insurance policies. Non life insurance policies are used to cover property and.. more
Address: Ethiopian Insurance Corporation Head office Ras Mekonen St / legehar infront of...

United Insurance logoUnited Insurance
Seventeen years in the business of providing first class insurance services, our Company presently boasts of some prestigious accounts in its portfolio. This.. more
Address: United Insurance Head office Debre Zeit Road Alpaulo Building...

Oromia Insurance Company logoOromia Insurance Company
Oromia Insurance Company has a vision “to be a leading insurer” which requires a sound insurance marker whose members should play their role to build a.. more
Address: Oromia Insurance Company head office Africa Avenue /bole road infront of Oromiya state council...

Nice Insurance logoNice Insurance
About Nice Insurance Co... more
Address: Nice Insurance Head office Debre Zeit Road Opposite Lancia, Zefco Building...

Nib Insurance Company logoNib Insurance Company
CONTRACTOR’S “ALL RISKS” (CAR) INSURANCE is an all risk policy. It offers comprehensive and adequate protection against loss or damage in respect of the.. more
Address: Nib Insurance Company Head office Africa Avenue / olompiya Dembel City Center –...

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