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About SB Consult

SB Consult is an Architectural and Engineering Firm established in 1982, rendering comprehensive professional consultancy services for Architectural and Engineering design and Construction Supervision of buildings, roads, bridges, airport facilities and development project infrastructures. The Firm also has extensive experience in providing consultancy services in contract management, physical planning and related development activities.

SB Consult is ranked as a leading local consultancy and design organization specializing in building and road construction sector. The Firm offers, either on its own or in association with other reputed local and international consultancy firms, a number of specialized consultancy services ranging from initial planning, project identification and feasibility study phase to detailed engineering design and construction supervision phase.

SB Consult relies on the rich and varied experience of its dedicated and seasoned local professionals with specialized expertise and deep awareness of local conditions.

SB Consult staff are actively engaged in contributing to the development of the construction sector in general. SB Consult has participated in committees’ set-up to review and develop basic documents for the construction sector including:

  • The General Conditions of Contract and Standard Instructions to Bidders for Civil Works issued by BaTCoDA in 1987 (drafted by the late Manager of SB Consult).
  • The Standard Technical Specification and Methods of Measurement issued by BaTCoDA in 1991 (prepared by the late Manager of SB Consult).
  • The Building Fire code, prepared in 1999 – 2000 by a committee of three professionals appointed by the Ministry of Works & Urban Development. The late manager of SB Consult, Seifu Birke, was the Reviewer of this work on behalf of the Ministry of Works & Urban Development
  • The senior staff of SB Consult were members of the six-man National Building Code Council, appointed by the Government to prepare the National Building Code, Design Standards and Norms. In addition, the Senior staff have been Secretaries of the Technical Committees entrusted with drafting :
  • The Building Code
  • Tender procedure (ECPN-1) & General Conditions of Contract (ECPN-2)
  • Technical Specifications & Standards Methods of Measurements for Building Work (ECPN-3&4)


  • Project Management
  • Consultancy Services for Buildings

Consultancy Services for Buildings include preparation of Architectural and Engineering Design, Construction Supervision and Contract Management in the following sectors:

  • Industrial building
  • Medical buildings
  • Diplomatic Complexes
  • Multi-storey Office and Commercial Buildings
  • Educational Projects
  • Cultural Buildings
  • Bank buildings
  • Airport Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Consultancy Services for Roads

Services provided by the firm in the road sector include all phases of projects and cover planning, topographic survey, fixing of roadway alignment, design of roadways, traffic surveys, hydrological surveys and hydraulic studies, bridge site location, sub-soil investigation, materials survey, socio-economic and environmental impact assessments, etc.

  • Quantity Surveying
  • Valuation

Preparation of valuation reports for buildings, organizations, earthmoving machinery and construction equipment, etc., which are owned by various individuals, private and public firms.


SB Consult Head Office 4010 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 115 15 68 54
Fax: +251 115 51 19 33
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