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Automotive Manufacturing Company of Ethiopia (AMCE)

Area of work
• Importer
Imported Type:
• Manufacturer
Manufactured Type:
• Retailer
Retailed Type:
• Repair & Maintenance
Repaired & Maintained Type:


Back in 1930, the Italian car manufacturing company, FIAT (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino) introduced in Ethiopia truck model 621 and 634 which gradually gained popularity in the country.

Apparently, encouraged by the promising result from the venture, FIAT decided to open an assembly plant in Ethiopia in collaboration with the Ethiopian Government.

Thus, AMCE was established in 1970, at the same place it is occupying now, Bole sub-city, Woreda 12 House No. 306 on a total area of 132,392 square meter land and currently employ about 150 workers.

The Automotive Manufacturing Co. of Ethiopia (AMCE) is today the biggest company in the country in the Industrial vehicles’ segment.

AMCE is a share-holder company owned 70% by IVECO, the international company of the FIAT group and 30% by the local Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Since its foundation, AMCE has concentrated its business in the transport sector.

At the end of the 70’s AMCE was the sole company in Ethiopia to assemble heavy trucks.

With its huge premises the company was monopolist in the truck business and was also the leader in the bus segment.

After the opening of the market (customs duties on imported vehicles have been dramatically reduced) AMCE is still keeping the leadership in the heavy trucks segment.

Even today where the competition is very high, IVECO products are still the most required.

In Ethiopian Market IVECO product is appreciated that are very reliable and are keeping a very good value even after many years; this is also due the huge running park, of around 15.000 units between trucks and buses and availability of spare parts all over the country”.


As defined in the Memorandum & Articles of Association, the company’s main objectives are: -

  • Importing IVECO vehicles completely built-up from Europe
  • Assembling of commercial vehicles including buses of all ranges of FIAT brand,
  • Manufacturing of bus bodies
  • Importation of all materials, accessories, machine tools, pertaining to the assembling, manufacturing and/or trading as specified above,
  • Sale and trading of products and manufactures of the company
  • PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) service
  • Technical Advice
  • Currently AMCE is planning to re-start the production of buses in the near future and to improve our workshop and to introduce new range of vehicles, in order to fulfill our customers need.




  • Bus
  • Heavy Duty
  • Light
  • Medium Trucks

Vehicles Accessories

Spare Parts

Apart importation of vehicles, AMCE also provides genuine spare parts for all IVECO model vehicles for service and maintenance according to its customers need and in order to give full service and to avoid worries for its customers even after sales, and to let its customers business goes smoothly without any shortage of parts during they have problems to their vehicles at any time.

And to avoid problem of getting genuine parts of IVECO outside Addis Ababa, AMCE has spare part dealers throughout the country, so, the customers are able to buy from those of IVECO Parts dealers.

AMCE also strongly recommend for its customers not to forget using IVECO original/genuine spare parts for long lasting and strong stability of their vehicles.


AMCE workshop is always ready to serve its customers with its qualified and competent mechanics at any time and any place of difficulties.

  • The workshop is stand on 3,000 square meters and is equipped with modern machines and well organized.
  • Service, Maintenance, engine overhaul for all types of heavy duty trucks
  • Drivers and mechanics training to familiarize with IVECO vehicles
  • Well organized and equipped mobile workshop service
  • What the customer has to pay for the service/maintenance is a lot fair and much reasonable compared to the service we give.
  • The workshop is open for all IVECO vehicle owners who come on time of their warranty time.

Other Authorized Workshops

To fulfill the need of its customers and to reduce the time consumption for giving service and maintenance, AMCE has assigned other two workshops in different place and town of the country.

  • TANA Engineering Plc. No. 2
  • Professional General Mechanics Plc.
Automotive Manufacturing Company of Ethiopia (AMCE)
Ring Rd / Megenagna on the road from Gerji
5736 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 116 46 33 39
Fax: +251 116 46 39 87
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