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Road Connecting Megenagna, Tor Hayloch Via Meskel Square Planned To Be Completed In Five Months

Published on: Tue, 2014-01-14 00:00
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A road project, stretching from Megenagna to Tor Hayloch via Meskel Square should be completed by this June if it is not hindered by railway construction alongside the road, Capital reported.

The Addis Ababa City Road Authority (AACRA) says the 8.6 km asphalt road that links the eastern and western part of Addis Ababa should be open by the end of this fiscal year.

Fekadu Haile (Eng.), Director of AACRA says they want to finish the 2.4 billion birr road by the end of June in order to alleviate traffic congestion.

Fekadu told Capital that plans for the road completion do depend on the progress of the light railway transit being constructed by China Railway Engineering Group Limited (CREC).

The road project that goes hand in hand with the Addis Ababa LRT project is divided by five sections and is constructed by two foreign based companies. The Israeli giant, Tidhar Earth Moving Company, has undertaken two sections that link the road project from the Ministry of Mines to the Ministry of Water and Energy. The other three sections that link the western side of the city to the Ministry of Water and Energy, which is in the central area of the city, are being constructed by the Chinese based CRBC Addis Engineering.

“The LRT project is a governmental priority and we will abide by that but we promised contractors that we would finish the road on schedule,” he said.

According to the authority head, most of the design work that combines the road and LRT construction has been completed this past year. He doesn’t foresee the necessity for any redesign.

Fekadu added that the roads linking western Addis to the east side will have several interchanges. The project, which is financed by the government, is expected to end within 18 months.

For the current budget year AACRA has set a target of completing 36 main roads and also undertaking other major projects in main traffic areas.

According to AACRA, in the current budget year, 59.5km and 35km of asphalt roads will be built by private contractors and AACRA’s own taskforce respectively; 19.2km of asphalt roads will also be built in the compounds of condominiums that will be constructed shortly.

Early this fiscal year the authority stated that road coverage will grow to 4,600km at the end of this budget year, up from 4,148km last year.

Source: Capital

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