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News concerning Real Estate.

Chinese Enter Real Estate With A Capital Of 2 bln Birr

Published on: Sat, 2013-10-05 00:00

The Chinese construction giant CGC Overseas, in partnership with two other Chinese companies, has finalized a deal to join the upcoming real estate sector in Addis Ababa with an estimated capital of 2 billion birr, The Reporter has learnt.

Gabby Investments Adds To Long List Of Suits Filed Against The Forlorn Access

Published on: Wed, 2013-10-02 00:00

Gabby Investments Plc, a grade one contractor, has become the latest party to wage a court battle against the nearly-defunct Access Real Estate S.C. (ARE). It filed a suit at the Federal High Court on September 16, 2013, requesting 72.9 million Br in damages for unpaid work and business costs, along with interest. The case is yet to be assigned to a judge.

Access Real Estate In sue of 72.8 mln Birr

Published on: Sun, 2013-09-29 00:00

ከመገናኛ ወደ ቦሌ በሚወስደው ቀለበት መንገድ በስተቀኝ በኩል ከኒያላ ሞተርስ ፊት ለፊት የሚገኘውን የአክሰስ ሪል ስቴት አክሲዮን ማኅበር አፓርትመንቶችን የገነባው ጋቢ ኢንቨስትመንት ኩባንያ፣ የአፓርትመንቶቹ አሠሪ የሆነውን አክሰስ ሪል ስቴት በ72.8 ሚሊዮን ብር ያልተከፈለ ዕዳ ክስ አቀረበ፡፡

Board Members Seek Government Support In Access Debacle

Published on: Sun, 2013-09-08 00:00

Board members and representatives from the central homebuyers’ committee of Access Real Estate (ARE) have jointly selected ASGB chartered accountants to re-audit the 2012 financial statements of the troubled company, for close to 640,000Br.

Injunction Against Access’ Nyala Motors Site

Published on: Sun, 2013-09-01 00:00

Laura Trade & Industry Plc, which owns lease rights to half the plot that the troubled Access Real Estate (ARE) uses as its Nyala Motors housing site, located across from the Anbesa City Bus Enterprise headquarters on the ring road, was last week granted the injunction it sought to stop the latter from using its property.

Access Real Estate’s Chief Executive Ermias To Return Home At End of Month

Published on: Sun, 2013-08-18 00:00

በአገር ውስጥና በውጭ አገር ለሚኖሩ ኢትዮጵያውያንና ትውልደ ኢትዮጵያውያን ቪላ ቤቶችንና አፓርትመንቶችን በተወሰነ ጊዜ ሠርተው ለማስረከብ ሩብ፣ ግማሽና ሙሉ ክፍያ ከተቀበሉ በኋላ፣ ምክንያቱ ግልጽ ባልሆነ ሁኔታ ከአገር የወጡት የአክሰስ ሪል ስቴት የቦርድ ሊቀመንበርና ዋና ሥራ አስኪያጅ የነበሩት አቶ ኤርሚያስ አመልጋ፣ በዚህ ወር መጨረሻ ላይ ወደ አገር ቤት እንደሚመለሱ ተጠቆመ፡፡

Pacific Sued in Access Real Estate Scandal

Published on: Sun, 2013-07-07 08:30

Pacific Link Ethiopia Real Estate Plc, a subsidiary of Access Real Estate SC (ARE), was, last week – Wednesday, July 3, 2013 – sued by 137 disgruntled homebuyers for damages amounting to 73.4 million Br, over its failure to deliver homes.

Ayat Mender

Published on: Tue, 2013-02-05 15:42

AYAT is in the process of implementing PHASE II of Ayat Real Estate development plan of 5080 residences comprising villas and apartments to be newly constructed within Ayat Mender and its environment.


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