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Over 21.2 mln People Get Access To Safe Water

Published on: Thu, 2014-01-09 00:00
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Over 21.2 million people across the country have got access to safe drinking water during the first three years of the GTP period, the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy said, ENA reported.

The State Minister, Kebede Gerba told ENA that the plan was to provide safe water for 21 million people during the reported period.

Some 10 million of the total beneficiaries have got the service in 2005EC, the Minister said.

The construction of safe water facilities is also being carried out across the country at a cost of 4.6 billion Birr which benefit close to 15 million people, he said.

The construction of the facilities is being undertaken with the budget secured from the federal and regional governments and contribution of local communities in rural areas.

The contribution of the local community in rural areas is helping the government achieve the goal for increased access to clean water facilities and sanitation, the Minister said.

The safe water facilities constructed during the reported period helps the country to raise safe water coverage to 68.5 percent, the Minister said.

The safe water coverage has reached 66.5 percent and 81.3 percent in rural and urban areas respectively.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency (ENA)

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