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Kombolcha Encloses 1,000 Hectares Of Land For Industry

Published on: Thu, 2014-01-23 00:00
Kombolcha town image

Mayor of Kombolcha town Abere Abera said the town is working to enclose 1, 000 hectares of land for industry; the municipality will give over 450 million Birr compensation for house holds residing at the industry zone, he said, FBC reported.

The activity of enclosing the area is expected to be finalized in few months, and fulfilling the required infrastructures will carry on, said Abere.

General Director to the Ethiopian Investment Agency Fistum Arega for his part said a big Jewish company is speeding up it survey to build a factory in the industry zone that is being enclosed by Kombolcha town, stating that investment zones will be enclosed in Addis Ababa, Diredawa, Hawassa, towns as well.

Mayor of the town said an Indian Company has also recently received 50 hectares of land for a garment plant and preparing to start construction; when fully gets into work it is expected to create job opportunity for some 10,000 citizens.

In addition to the Indian company, nine other domestic investors have received land to build factories in the town, according to the mayor.

Public Relations Director to the Ministry of Industry Melaku Taye affirmed that the government is constructing various institutions where infrastructures and equipments of factories will lay on by enclosing industry zones.

He added that the ministry is working closely with the administration of Kombolcha town and government of the region to speed up activities of the town towards “destination for industry”. The town of kombolcha which is one of the suitable towns for industry had one garment, a tannery and a metal ware factory for years.

The number of factories in the town which had been only three for years has now exceeded ten.

Source: Fana Broadcasting Corprate (FBC)

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