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Investment Agency Expands One-Stop Services

Published on: Thu, 2014-01-16 00:00
Ethiopian Investment Agency office building image

Ethiopian Investment Agency (EIA) is expanding one-stop services with a view to streamline its activities, the agency’s director general said, WIC reported.

In an exclusive interview with WIC, Fitsum Arega, EIA director general, said it has began providing 27 out of 29 services the agency is required to provide by law.

The services range from registering trade names to permit for expatriate employees to import permit issuance and notarization of Memorandum of Understanding and Articles of Associations.

And the director says the agency will soon start to provide the remaining two services namely provision of Tax Identification Numbers and issuance of construction permit above grade one contractors.

“As soon as we complete some of the activities we are doing together with the relevant stakeholders, we expect to provide these services as we are expected to do so by law,” Fitsum told WIC.

The agency’s headquarter located off Africa Avenue (Bole Road) around Olympia is also accommodating some government agencies and organizations which will provide much needed services to investors coming to the agency.

“We have prepared office space for about seven organizations and some are starting to provide services,” Fitsum said.

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Development Bank of Ethiopia, Ethio Telecom and the newly established Ethiopian Electric Service are among the organizations expected to provide service from offices spaces provided by the agency.

The director believes such measures will help facilitate the services the agency provides to investors.

Source: Walta Information Center (WIC)

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