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Ethiopia To Sell 100 MW Electric Power To Yemen

Published on: Mon, 2014-01-27 00:00
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Negotiations that have been carried out between Ethiopia and Yemen on the issue of electric power purchase have been fruitful and it is expected that soon the two countries will sign an agreement, Diretube reported.

As indicated on the agreement document, Ethiopia will sell a 100MW Electric power to Yemen for a period of one year. The power will be transmitted through a power cable to be laid on the Red Sea floor.    

The finance source for the project is to be acquired by both countries. It is known that Sudan has signed an agreement with Ethiopia to get 200MW of electric power and now is getting 100MW power.

Moreover, Kenya and Djibouti are getting 100MW and 50MW power from Ethiopia respectively.

This recent agreement that Ethiopia has signed with Yemen makes it the fourth country to buy electric power from Ethiopia.

Source: Diretube

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