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News concerning Ethiopia.

Egypt Appeals To Rejoin 'Nile Talk'

Published on: Thu, 2014-02-06 00:00

Egypt appealed to rejoin the talk over the Grand Renaissance Dam, FBC reported.

EIC Chooses Design For 30 Storey Builing

Published on: Wed, 2014-02-05 00:00

The Ethiopian Insurance Corporation has chosen design for the 30 storey building it is planning to build, FBC reported.

Rural Road Construction Completed

Published on: Wed, 2014-02-05 00:00

The construction of a 24-kms rural road undertaken in Deder Woreda of East Hararge Zone of Oromia State at cost 21 million birr has reportedly been completed, EH reported.

Ethio Telecom Collects 8 Bln Birr In First Half Of Budget Year

Published on: Wed, 2014-02-05 00:00

በህዝብ ተወካዮች ምክር ቤት የሳይንስ ፣መገናኛና ቴክኖሎጂ ጉዳዮች ቋሚ ኮሚቴ የመገናኛና ኢንፎርሜሽን ቴክኖሎጂ ሚንስቴርን የ6 ወራት ስራ አፈፃፀም ገምግሟል፡፡

Authority Attains 62 Percent Of Its GTP

Published on: Mon, 2014-02-03 00:00

Some 9,156 kms roads were built during the first three years of the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) period, the Ethiopian Road Authority (ERA) said, WIC reported.

Major Tele Expansion Project Faces Delay

Published on: Mon, 2014-02-03 00:00

An expected telecom expansion project still has yet to get off the ground. An agreement early in the Ethiopian fiscal year between Ethio Telecom (et) and two Chinese telecom companies was expected to net them each USD 800 thousand but the companies are saying they have not been informed exactly what their responsibilities are, Capital reported.

New ERA Enterprise Will Collect Toll Road Revenue

Published on: Mon, 2014-02-03 00:00

Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) is going to form a new enterprise to manage revenue from toll roads, Capital reported.

Belgian Men’s Clothing Maker Considers Ethiopia

Published on: Mon, 2014-02-03 00:00

Belgian company, Celio International, is looking into opening a textile and garment factory in Ethiopia. Celio, which specializes in men’s clothing, came to Ethiopia on January 12, 2014 as part of a trade mission, Capital reported.

Addis Prefab Prosecutor Given More Time To Review Pleading Documents

Published on: Sun, 2014-02-02 00:00

The Federal High Court has adjourned the serious fraud charge filed against two of the six founders of the Addis Prefab Houses Manufacturing Industry S.C – Fikremariam Alemu and Yosef Asegedom – until, February 4, 2014. This decision came following a request from the prosecutor for more time to review pleading documents, Fortune reported.

Domestic Engineering Continues To Be Trapped in Bottlenecks

Published on: Sun, 2014-02-02 00:00

Despite the emphasis the government has placed on the contribution of the manufacturing industry in realizing its growth & transformation plan (GTP), local engineering companies complain of bottlenecks. Such issues include the large pile up in stock, the absence of an automotive policy and a lack of transparency in government auctions, among others. These are deemed to be constraining their competitiveness in the market, Fortune reported.


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