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Ethio-Telecom Outsourced Collecting Cents From Public Phones

Published on: Wed, 2013-12-18 00:00
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There are some 9,000 public phones in the country with over 90 million birr invested on. However most of the phones which were planted aiming to benefit customers- who do not have mobile phones- were broken and ruined lacking protection and cleanness.

The problem is widely noticed in the capital Addis Ababa, where significant number of customers has also been complaining.

Ethio- telecom which owns the property said it is making changes that will enable solve the problem; outsourcing the activity of collecting cents from the phones and protecting their cleanliness to a domestic company named Hidase.

Communication Manager with Ethio- telecom Abdurahim Ahmed said in addition to this, Ethio telecom has the plan to plant more new phones and refurbish the old ones, even by importing materials needed for the work.

He said it is believed that the new system will allow the public phone used for its purpose.

Besides this, a procedure that would enable charge individuals who damage public phones according to the Ethio- telecom proclamation will be established, said Abdurahim.

He called up on the public to contribute its part in protecting the phones.

The corporation is also planning to expand public phones which work fully with electric power, according to the manager.

Source: Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC)

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