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EIC Chooses Design For 30 Storey Builing

Published on: Wed, 2014-02-05 00:00
Addis Ababa view image

The Ethiopian Insurance Corporation has chosen design for the 30 storey building it is planning to build, FBC reported.

Among 21 building designs presented yesterday, the winner has been chosen for the 30 stories building that the corporation has allocated 2.2billion Birr for construction of its.

Chief Executive Officer to the corporation Wondosen Itafa said the building will highly support activities underway by the corporation to enhance the life and property insurance coverage.

The building was said will be built on 2,000m2 of land in the capital, around place called Ambassador.

Wondosen said international auction will be released sooner to start the construction.

Source: Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC)

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