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Egypt Appeals To Rejoin 'Nile Talk'

Published on: Thu, 2014-02-06 00:00
Grand Renaissance Dam image

Egypt appealed to rejoin the talk over the Grand Renaissance Dam, FBC reported.

Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt has held three consecutive discussions on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam following the recommendation of an international team of experts to survey the socioeconomic impacts of the Dam on hydrological modeling, and on lower countries through which the Nile runs.

Recently on the meeting held on February 5 – 6, representatives from Egypt made plain that their country will not proceed with the deal and will take the issue to the international court unless Ethiopia accepts the will of Egypt.

On the contrary, Egypt’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Mohamed Edris said that Ethiopia doesn’t need to ask for permission on the issue of Nile River, as the development of Ethiopia is the development of Egypt too.

He affirmed that his country wants to rejoin the talk and peacefully find resolution to the problem.

Spokes Person to the FDRE Foreign Affairs Ministry Ambassador Dina Mufti said Egypt’s decision to discontinue the talk before three weeks and currently, the ambassador’s talk that his country desires to rejoin and take part in the deal shows that there is no common ground and agreement on the Nile issue.

Border Crossing Rivers Affairs Director with The FDRE Water, Irrigation and Energy Ministry Feq Ahmed Negash for his part said Egypt has no another choice than discussion and deal.

Source: Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC)

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