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Dry Land Food, Water Security Project Launched

Published on: Thu, 2014-01-16 00:00

World Vision Ethiopia and the World Agroforestry Centre yesterday launched a 15 million USD Food and Water Security project aimed at improving the livelihood of dry land community, EH reported.

Speaking at the event, World Vision Ethiopia Director Margaret Schuler said that the five- year project will be implemented focusing the most vulnerable communities of Tigray and Rift valley areas.

“We are thrilled with this project because World Vision's programmes are designed to improve the wellbeing of children and strengthen household and community resilience.”

According to her, the project would focus on semi-arid regions of Ethiopia to transfer rural households from subsistence farming to sustainable rural development by increasing food and water security, better access to markets.

Speaking through his representative, Agriculture State Minister Sileshi Getahun said concerted efforts are being made in Ethiopia to expand watershed management and carry out effective water and moisture retaining works.

According to him, these efforts have significantly contributed to cope with the challenges of climate change. Sileshi also said taking the threats of climate change to its development, Ethiopia is implementing a green economy strategy.

“By implementing the green growth strategy, Ethiopia avoids locking in old technologies and ensure its economy grows in a sustainable manner.”

Sileshi further noted that the active involvement of development partners in the area of environmental protection has a long lasting effect. As part of this joint initiatives, programmes like Tree for Food Security, Africa Rising Sustainable Intensification of Trees are worth mentioning.

“The harmonization of new and ongoing development initiatives and projects into a comprehensive nationwide strategy will help in avoiding redundancy of activities and the misuse of resources,” he added.

Presenting his research, Dr. Denis Garrity, UN Dry lands Ambassador Distinguished Board Research Fellow, World Agroforestry Centre, indicated that the project will have a long term effect in selected areas to increase productivity of commercial staple crops, water use efficiency, decrease food dependency and increase the availability of nutritious food.

According to him, if proper action is taken, the African dry lands have a great investment potential.

The project is funded by the government of Netherlands via the General Directorate of International Cooperation (DGIS).

Source: The Ethiopian Herald (EH)

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