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Dessie Ber Bus Terminal To Commence

Published on: Sun, 2013-12-08 00:00
Dessie Ber Bus Terminal lies on 22,053sqm in Yeka District, built by the Nega Mamo Construction Company with eight million Birr

The Lamberet Bus Terminal, aka Dessie Ber, which lies on 22,053sqm in Yeka District, is to finally start operating within the next month, after a decade of delay, according to the Federal Transport Authority (FTA).
The commencement of operations at the terminal – built by the Nega Mamo Construction Company with eight million Birr at the beginning of 1998 – was originally scheduled for June 2005. This was repeatedly pushed back, however, until the current projected start date was finally set.
The escalating price of construction materials was cited as one of the reasons for the delay. In addition, the unrest that occurred in the aftermath of the 2005 national elections derailed the plan, since the station was used as a camp for the Federal Police forces from May 2005 to January 2006. The latter were reluctant to leave the premises after the unrest was settled, leading to a further delay.
In addition to that, the premises were used by the Federal Police. As a result of this, the FTA demanded some minor repairs, like offices, asphalt and lights, by Awash Construction Company. Which is now merged with the Metals & Engineering Corporation (MetEC), said Mitike Demessie, Expert Officer on Research & Planning at the Addis Ababa Roads Authority (AARA)
It is one of the five that were planned during the previous government, which were to be located at the city’s exit points. The decentralization of the long-distance bus stations, however, took much longer than expected to be implemented.
Up to 135 long, short and medium buses can be handled daily, with a capacity to serve 40 long distance and 40 short and medium buses at once, according to Abeleneh Agedew, head of Promotions & Public Relations at the FTA. This would allow it to serve 20,000 to 30,000 passengers each day.
Source: Addis Fortune

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