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Construction Of Tendaho And Kesem Irrigation Projects To Be Finalized Next Year

Published on: Sat, 2014-02-01 00:00
Tendaho and Kesem Irrigation Grand Project image

The Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy announced that the construction of Tendaho and Kesem Irrigation Grand Project will be finalized fully and start rendering service next year, FBC reported.

The minister Alemayehu Tegenu said the construction of the projects which 5.5 billion Birr has been invested on is speeding up. At the start, the plan was to finalize the construction in 2005 E.C., whereas the construction gets delayed because of some man-made and natural problems, he said.

The Tendaho Irrigation Project that will have the capacity to develop 60,000 hectare of land up on completion, is believed will start developing 25 hectare of land at the end of the current budget year; and currently the project is being developing plots of over 4,000 farmers.

The Kesem Irrigation Dam which is said will have the capacity to develop 15,000 hectare when fully finalized, is also expected to begin developing 5,000 hectare at the end of the budget year.

Big sugar plants will also start production activity in these places where the irrigation dam projects are underway. The rapidity of the completion of the construction of the dams has enormous importance for farmers residing in the area and foreign trade of country.

Sourre: Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC)

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