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Companies Present Designes Of Buildings At Railway Stations

Published on: Wed, 2013-11-27 00:00
Image showing Addis Ababa railway project

Alternative designs of 10 buildings which are going to be constructed at railway stations of Addis Ababa light railway were presented by six domestic and oversea companies.

The buildings are said will include hotels, shopping centers, offices and hospitals.

Chief Executive Officer of the Ethiopian Railway Corporation Dr. Eng. Getachew Betru said the light railway will have 39 stations, and alternative designs of 10 stations only were presented.

He said there would not be any action of demolishing any building for the construction of the new buildings, as they will take limited space.

The income that the buildings would raise was said will cover 40% of construction cost of the railway.
Source: Fana Broadcasting Corporate(FBC)

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