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Specifications For Installation Of Glass Walls And Railings

Published on: Fri, 2013-12-13 11:19
Image of building with glass wall
Glass walls and railings shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Glass walls and railings shall be installed by installers experienced in installation of glass walls and railings similar in materials and design to those indicated for the Project, in strict compliance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions and approved shop drawings. Installed glass walls and railings shall be true to the established lines, planes and height within the allowed installation tolerances.
Material Protection: Isolate aluminum surface which comes in contact with dissimilar metals by painting a heavy coat of primer, sealant or by taping as recommended by the manufacturer and protect galvanic corrosion.
Install glass wall support channel fixing bracket to structural members by welding. Install shop fabricated glass support channels to the field installed brackets by welding. Anchor railing base plates to concrete slab by anchor bolting, weld glass support channels to the plate then fill space under base plate with filling mortar.
Weld two steel angle pieces on base plate at both sides of location where fin glass plate will rest on base plate. At locations where stainless steel balusters rest on top of base plates, fix those by welding.
Prior to installation of glass walls, laminate film on glass surface up to the indicated level. Thoroughly clean glass supporting channels and install setting blocks.  Using assembly jig assemble glass wall sections temporarily by loosely fastening special joint glazing bolting assemblies. After adjusting glass wall section installation within the tolerance, tighten bolting assemblies.
Install electrical piping made from stainless steel and hair line finished in between the glass wall section and fix with structural sealant. Upon installation of glass wall section, clean glass support channels to remove all dust and foreign materials from space between channel and glass plates, then fill the space with urethane foam after masking adjacent areas.
Install glass fin prior to the installation of glass wall. For mounting of light fixture support base on top of fin glass plate, fasten stainless steel clip angles bolting through glass plate as shown on the approved shop drawings. Between glass and stainless steel bolt, insert 3mm thick rubber grommet. Mount stainless steel light fixture base on top of those stainless steel clip angles.
To already installed stainless steel railing support bracket, fasten shop fabricated and finished steel balusters by bolting. Weld 10 mm thick steel rail on top of steel balusters, and fasten composite wood rails on top of steel rail by bolting. Steel balusters and rails shall be iron phosphate or zinc phosphate treated, then exposed surface coated with epoxy or polyester resin power coat by electrostatic painting method to form a dry film thickness of not less than 60 microns. The Owner’s Representative will select color. Composite wood rails shall be finished at field.
Source: civilengineerlink.com

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