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Safety For Installation And Usage Of Construction Power

Published on: Fri, 2013-12-13 10:44
Image of construction power workers
The electrical workers as well as the electrical equipment operators must learn, join the examination and receive the electrical safety technique certificate. Where the electrical workers work at site, they must have a thorough grasp of its power supplying layout. The staff on power duty for the electrical equipment voltage up to 1000V must have the electrical safety certificate from Scale 3 upwards. Using power at site must have the layout of electrical network, the general switch and segment switch in order to cut off the whole or each separate construction area as necessary. Dynamic and lighting power system must be separated into two distinct systems.
The installation and usage of radio broadcast power network must follow the current regulations on safety technique radio broadcast communications. The exposed conductive parts of electrical equipments (cable, leading bar, contacting of switch, fuse, the poles of electrical machines and tools ) must be covered by insulator or put in the high position to ensure for the safety & convenience of operation.
The cable ends, opened cables must be insulated, covered or hung in the high position. For the opened conductive sections in accordance with the requirements of the designs or structures must be hung at high position, get barriers and signs. The cables for constructing in each area of construction must be the insulated coating cable. These cables must sling on a firm pole or support at the height of minimum 2.5m for the constructing surface and 5.0m for the place where there are vehicles passing. The cables which have got the height below 2.5m from the floor or operating floor surface must be the type of insulated rubber.
The cables used for the mobile axial machine must be winded on the tangent or slid on the cable slot. Do not allow to rub the cable on the surface or let the vehicle run over, or let the other structures lean against the cable. The lights which have got voltage greater than 36V must be hung minimum 2.5m away from the operating floor. Do not allow to use the power networks, distributing structures of electrical boards and their shunt branch which arise during the installation to replace for the electrical network and temporary electrical necessary for the usage at site.
The electrical on-off equipments used for the on-off function of the general network and the segment lines supplying power for each area of the construction must be controlled strictly so that the people without duty can not turn on and off the power. The power feeding switches for each equipment or group of equipment must have securely lock and convenient for operation and problem handling. The power on-off equipments, switches … must be put in hermetic box, dry places, safe and convenient for operation and problem handling.
Source: civilengineerlink.com

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