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Renting Or Buying Construction Equipment

Published on: Wed, 2014-01-22 10:41
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Sometimes all the planning of a company for building or excavating an area go waste if there is no proper equipment that can fulfill the requirements of the construction projects. All that the contractor can do at this time is to rent the machine when needed or to purchase it. But making such kind of decisions is not easy. A lot of things should be kept in mind.

Price for rent:

There is no doubt denying the fact that rental companies make profit by making you suffers. Some rent machines for a single day or on a weekly basis. But this can be disadvantageous for the customers. The price that they demand from you as a rent depends upon the area of work. It can be very high or just right. The price for off road dump trucks is the highest because their original cost is too much. The rental price for them varies and can be like 12,000 dollars for each month. No matter how big and successful company you owe but you will have problems with the rental prices.

Buying the construction equipment:

In case you need the equipment for a long time and require more machines, the best way is to purchase them rather than paying rent. Avoid renting of machines if you know you frequently need the same machines for various projects. Buying a machine that is to be used for a long time in different projects saves money.

Servicing of the machines:

One of the main advantages of renting machine is that you need not worry about its service. The renting company will itself pay for all the maintenance. It will fix all the repairs without burdening you. If in case something breaks or a fault occurs only you have to do is call the rental company. It is their responsibility to come up for fixing it. No additional charges are to be paid by you as the repairing price is already included in the rent. You are not responsible for any of the damage caused until you are not the owner of the machine. But in case you buy the machine then it is you only who has to pay for the maintenance and servicing of the equipment.

The final choice of whether buying or renting of the building and excavating machine is entirely one’s own decision. It depends upon several factors like the time period for which you need the machine and the finances available to you. The end result of both choices is that you will have the machine with you during your construction work.

Source: civilengineersite.com

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