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The National Railway Network of Ethiopia (NRNE)

Published on: Fri, 2014-01-17 16:02
Map of National Railway Network of Ethiopia (NRNE)

The Ethiopian Railways Corporation has identified eight railway corridors for study, design and subsequent implementation, the total estimated length with buffer of which is some 5060km. The eight railway routes are:

Route No. Route Name Estimated Length(km)
1 Addis Ababa-Modjo-Awash-Dire Dawa-Dewanle 665
2 Modjo-Shashemene-Arbaminch-Konso-Moyale Including Shashemene-Hawasa and Konso-Weyto 905
3 Addis Ababa-Ijaji-Jimma-Guraferda-Dima including Jimma-Bedele (direct to Boma with further extension to south Sudan) 740
4 Ijaji-Nekemet-Assosa-Kumruk 460
5 Awash-Kombolcha-Mekele-Shire 757
6 Fenoteselam-Bahirdar-Wereta-Weldia-Semera-Elidar 734
7 Wereta-Azezo-metema 244
8 Adama-indeto-Gasera 248


Side by side with strengthening its institutional capacity, ERC has undertaken a prefeasibility study and LiDAR surveying using Air Born Laser Scanning for the entire proposed railway network.

In order to make the implementation process manageable, the NRNE projects have been phased into two parts as follows.


1. Addis Ababa –Djibouti Railway Project

2. Mekele – Weldya/Hara Gebeya - Semera-Tadjourah Port Railway Project

3. Addis Ababa –Ijaji-Jimma-Dima Including Jimma - Bedele Railway Project

4. Awash- Kombolcha-Hara Gebeya Railway Project

5. Mojo-Shashemene-Arbaminich-Weyto Railway Project


1. Jimma-Guraferda-Dima diorected to Boma

2. Ijaji-Nekemet-Assosa-Kumuruk



5.Wereta Azazo-Metema


Source: erc.gov.et

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