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Building Facts: Upside Down House

Published on: Sat, 2013-12-14 11:43
Upside down House Szymbark, Poland image
Located in the town of Szymbark, Northern Poland, the Polish timber construction association Danmar have made an upside down house. Danmar specialise in handling timber frame, wooden houses and have made a model village of cases of their tackle a 1:1 scale. The representative behind Danmar chose to raise an upside down house as an explanation of Poland's one of a kind stand against the Communist administration. From a promoting perspective Danmar build, upside down house is currently a famous vacation spot with many guests entering the model village. The house is built from wood and is not just upside down yet is likewise based a grade. Going into the house numerous travelers gripe of feeling gently nauseous and woozy as all the odd points in the house make it extremely troublesome to discover your parity. Laborers who developed the house needed to take customary breaks as they additionally experienced the bizarre vibes of working in a house that is been turned on its head.
Source: inspired-architecture.blogspot.com

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