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Zamra Construction P.L.C.

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  Zamra Construction P.L.C.

Zamra Construction PLC is one of Ethiopia’s leading multi-disciplinary construction firms with over thirty completed projects to its name. As a Grade One contractor we operate throughout the entire spectrum of Ethiopian Construction.

Zamra Construction is the name behind some of the most major construction projects in Ethiopia to date. We strive, time and time again, to provide our clients with reliable solutions to their most complex construction challenges. Over the past decade, Zamra has managed to establish itself as a market leader; acquiring a reputation for always delivering quality finished products to meet the expectations of our clients . We are recognised for our fresh and creative approach to time management which enables us to always complete our projects quickly and within our allotted time frames. More and more of our clients are turning to us as a result of this. Our expertise spans through the complete range of construction possibilities, from our smaller projects to multi-million birr ventures. Local offices allow us to offer the dual benefits of a strong local presence and broad geographic reach. We support our clients throughout the entirety of the project, from its inception to the commissioning of the fully operational facility. Whatever your construction needs we have the experience, personnel and resources to provide the highest quality results on schedule and within budget.


To become the primary firm in the construction sector by executing projects in a safe and timely manner to deliver outstanding results for our stakeholders.


  • To construct quality buildings, roads, bridges and others with proficiency that meet the required standards
  • By creating strong links within the construction industry to produce and supply industrial products necessary in building construction both for national and international markets
  • Through strong manpower and material capacity and organization to expand and begin to undertake projects at an international level.

  Why Zamra Construction P.L.C.

  • The Top Management of Zamra Construction PLC and its staff, being involved in building construction, are totally committed to meeting the needs and expectations of customers, stakeholders, statutory and regulatory requirements through applying appropriate technology, skilled manpower, and establishing and implementing quality management system based on ISO 9001:2008 in its processes.
  • Zamra is committed to maintain and continually improve the quality management system by reviewing customer and stakeholder’s feedback, internal quality audit results, and reports on performance of the quality management system.
  • In our operations, Zamra values timeliness, effectiveness, integrity, competence, learning and growth.


Head Office
S1 road/CMC Bole Kifleketema, Kebele 01, House no: 5193 Near Lalibela Hotel opposite Gibson School
16255 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 116 18 17 58
Fax: +251 116 18 17 54
Branch Office
Kebele 06, House no: New Near SOS taxi stop
Phone: +251 344 40 66 65
Fax: +251 344 40 78 40
Branch Office
Kebele 18, House no: New Near Kuno Hotel
Phone: +251 914 72 60 05
Fax: +251 584 48 00 06
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