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Yencomad Construction plc is a first class GEneral Contractor (GC-1) engaged in civil work projects. mainly in Road & Building Construction with Agriculture & Real Estate as additional activities. it was established in October 1994 while our famous Dembel City Centre building was under construction.

Since 1994 Yencomad has successfully executed more than 30 projects some of the road projects completed since establishment of the firm.

  • Asgori-Bantu RR50 road project
  • Bekoji Gobessa chole Road project
  • Kersa Goljota Langano Road project
  • Kingi kamashi RR50 Road Project
  • Participated in the construction of Addis Ababa Jimma Road participated in Debrezeit Road project kality Defence aspallt Road project, limu seka Road construction. 

 Some of the building projects completed since establishement of the Getu Gelete multi services building Dembel city center, National museum laboratory building oromia radio & TV station building & others


Consistent with our mission of serving local and international customers in the world, YENCOMADDembl city center embraces the international construction standards and the need to building its own capacities to that effect. We adopt these measures as part and parcel of the overarching goal and strategies of YENCOMAD. First, we believe that, in order to make our vision to become a reality, we must be driven by bold goals and aspirations. Second, we believe that quality will be achieved only if all parts of the company work together professionally in concert toward that end.

Hence our vision is that “YENCOMAD will become the best construction company and the first choice of customers in terms of quality, cost, timeliness and reliability. We seek a company, with highly qualified technical and managerial personnel as well as systems that fully meet the expectations of customers. YENCOMAD will be known in Africa and the Middle East as a partner of choice for its unparalleled professional commitment to international quality standards of construction of both roads and buildings.”

The activities we intend to pursue in adopting quality approaches to the construction engineering will reflect a more holistic understanding of the business. We will measure progress toward the overarching goal by monitoring achieved results against local and international norms.


The mission of YENCOMAD is to establish and operate a leading construction company that can provide Getu comercial centerhigh quality services, which surpass customers’ expectations and play a significant role in the construction industry, thereby participating in the economic and social development efforts of the nation. It is the motto of YENCOMAD to serve customers to their highest satisfaction drawing strength from its resources and experiences to maintain the expectations of the clientele. We promote lasting success by:

• Strengthening capacity both human and financial to deliver best services to our customers;
• Meeting national and international technical and quality standards for construction.
• Continuously improving work organizations, systems and procedures to become quality orientated, result focused and demand responsive to meeting standards and deadlines.
• Guided by the aspirations of customers, we pursue our mission with both excellence and compassion because the customers whom we serve deserve nothing less.

Major Goals

1.     One of the major goals is to expand the construction capability of YENCOMAD at an average increment of 30% per year through fulfilling national and international competitive biding requirements of construction contacts. We have identified some strategies to achieve the set goal.

2.     Triple the annual operation budget for purposes of expansion of projects.

3.     Promote the rest of the objectives of YENCOMAD as opportunities open up.


The Core values of YENCOMAD are Excellence, Respect, Effectiveness, Commitment and Transparency, (ERECT) as defined bellow: ERECT represents our commitment to be straight, up right and creative as defined in many dictionaries.

YENCOMAD’s Core Values Definitions
Excellence We constantly challenge and lead ourselves to the highest levels of performance to achieve quality standards regarding quality of work and workmanship and greater customer satisfaction
Respect We respect the dignity, the aspirations and expectations of our customers and those who contribute to same within or outside the company.
Effectiveness We promote efficiency and effectiveness by properly planning and organizing our undertakings and maximizing the use of resources to meet standards of construction economy and eradicating waste.

Commitment As a Company we work together effectively through proper coordination to fulfil our promises to our customers.

Transparency We are consistently transparent and honest in what we do and say and accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions.

Head Office
Airport Rd At the back of Dembel city Center
9517 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: 011-553 37 66/011-553 53 15
Fax: 0115 51 94 60
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