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Material wholesalers.

DJ Aluminium P.L.C

DJ Aluminium PLC is a premier Ethiopian provider of aluminium and other semi-finished non-ferrous products.We have a network to supply solutions and immediate stock availability of certain products to a wide range of industries and market sectors.

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AB-HAM ENTERPRISE is a private limited company registered and licensed with the approriate ministries to provide a wide spectrum of services in the field of civil engineering, furnishing, electromechanical, & other construction related areas.

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Sat Import Treading P.L.C

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HORYAAL Business P.L.C.

About HORYAAL Business P.L.C.

HORYAAL Business PLC values its solid commitment to quality, schedule, and safety. We strive to deliver the best value in all our services by ensuring all projects are completed on time with quality products and workmanship - we are proactive in finding the best solutions for our clients in a cost-effective manner, with no compromise on safety. Our values of quality, integrity, and hard work remain the benchmark of each project we undertake.

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Yhaenu P.L.C.

About Yhaenu P.L.C.

Yhaenu Private Limited Company was established as per Ethiopian Commercial low with the initial capital of 1,000,000.00 USD. in the year 2003 with four shareholders of vast experiences. The Company is involved in Import, Export, Transport and Hotel Services.

Yhaenu is Exporting Sesame Seeds (Humera type, Wollega type and Reddish) and Importing Construction Bars, Cooking Oil, Stationary, Furniture, Tires and Auto Spare Parts for the last seven years with the help of its Transport Service.

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Leed Building Technology and Trading

About Leed Building Technology and Trading

Welcome to Leed Building Technology where Modern Building materials meet Advanced Construction Equipments and Machineries. Leed is a company dedicated to serve the East African Construction industry with latest building finishing technology products and Engineering solution services.

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Kality Metal Products Factory

The factory uses imported steel sheets in coils as its major input to produce standardized and job order metal products. We also produce Rectangular Tubes, Square Tubes, Circular Tubes.

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