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Material wholesalers.

Davis & Shirtliff Trading Ethiopia P.L.C

Davis & Shirtliff Trading Ethiopia PLC is a well established supplier and distributor of high quality water related equipment in Ethiopia, sourced from a number of industry leading companies from around the world. Business activities are focused in six principal product sectors:

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Neham International Business P.L.C

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Gift Trading P.L.C

Gift Trading Plc. is a dynamic and fast growing business enterprise mainly engaged in; Import & Wholesale distribution, Export, Commission Agent, Real Estate development, Construction and Manufacturing.


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Addis Home Depot P.L.C

ADDIS HOME DEPOT Pvt. Ltd. Co. (aHD), a member of the MIDROC Ethiopia Technology Group, is the largest store for building and construction materials in Ethiopia. It is a one-stop-shop for all construction materials, finishing and decorative items, household appliances, electronics, hand tools, gardening equipment, etc., making it the first of its kind in the country.

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Elsabet Alemayehu Timber Trading

Elsabet Alemayehu Timber Trading

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Gollagul Trading P.L.C

About Gollagul Trading P.L.C 

In 1993 Gollagul trading Enterprise was established and later on changed its name to Gollagul Trading  P.L.C by its partners in 2004. The Company imports different types of steel that are beneficial for the construction sector as inputs and distributes it to end users.

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Tseda Trading P.L.C

About Tseda Trading       

Tseda Trading plc. established in 1997. It is involved in the business of Importing, whole selling, and retailing of construction materials such as Reinforced – Bars, Angle - Iron, Hollow – Section, Sheet – Metal, etc. Tseda Trading plc. is a company with 95 Million Birr Turnover. It currently has 80 Employees, of which 30 are permanent and 50 temporary employees.

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Gad Business P.L.C

Products :

  • Metal
  • Ceramic
  • Pvc
  • Asphalt
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G.L General Trading P.L.C

Metal and Ceramic Shop

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AM and TG Global Trading

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