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Tracon Trading Real Estate

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  Tracon Trading Real Estate

Tracon Real estate is one of the few real estate companies in Ethiopia. Until recent years both residential and commercial real estates were built only by the individual owners or by government. In the last decade alone the public has shown interest in having a company supply residential properties.

The year 2004, marks the first real estate project for our company. The company operates primarily in Addis Ababa. Tracon’s properties include commercial complexes, hotel, residential buildings, condominium, high rise office buildings, as well as mixed-use projects.

Our company has proven its reliability by completing luxury residential project with 39 villas and delivering it to the owners. Tracon currently has additional project of constructing luxuries homes in an area of 50,000 sq. meter land in Addis Ababa, Nifas silk lafto sub city.

Because of the increased demand for condominiums we currently have a project with 524 units. The start date for the project will be on August of 2012.

Our real estate company currently has over 21,000sq. meter of rental space. These are mainly from the two buildings the company owns. Tracon also has a project which is in completion stage in Langano, Ethiopia. This project is located near lakeLangano and will be a full service hotel.

The company is currently in the completion stage of the newest company headquarter in Addis Ababa. The building will be a mix use building which will have spaces for various shops, banks, and etc.


Tracon Trading
Churchill Avenue Tracon Tower
56659 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 112 77 31 04/114 39 18 64
Fax: +251 112 77 32 21
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