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About TEGA P.L.C

TEGA is a private limited company established in 2003 as per the commercial law of Ethiopia. TEGA started its business in the area of import and export, assistant in foreign trade and as engineering service provider with an initial capital of Birr 2,500,000.00.  TEGA’s annual sales turnover is over Birr 10 million, and a work force of over 25 varied professionals and skills.


Electro mechanical & industrial service

  • Any hydraulic & kneumatic systems
  • Screw & reciprocating compressor
  • Re-alignment of installed machineries with of standard Alignment procedures
  • Over haul & install gravel crushers
  • Hot & cold vulcanization of heavy duty belt conveyors in cement industries
  • Any break down in cement technology services
  • Mechanical & electrical erection of new plant as per supplied design
  • Assembling of heavy duty earth moving machineries as per manual (with negotiated free maintenance service)
  • Manufacturing & installation of heavy duty impellers with gas & material circulating system (impeller size & type can be ordered)
  • Manufacturing of steel structure of overhead crane (5-15 ton) capacity
  • Install overhead crane
  • Manufacture & install mechanical conveyor parts
  • Construct steel structure of cross Hangar Bridge
  • We give free & limited instruction of operational system for all repaired or installed units
  • Our mechanical & electrical engineers long & effective technicians are ready to give best mechanical & electrical solution your any break down

General imports

  • Motor vehicles
  • Any type of Electrical materials
  • Different type of auto glass & flot glass

Heavy Transportation service

  • Land transportation with heavy trucks
  • Fuel transportation
TEGA P.L.C Head Office 3296 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 115 55 78 69
Fax: +251 114 67 42 67
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