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Equipment/Machinery retailers.

Gambrea Trading P.L.C

About Gambrea Trading P. L. C

Established in 2009, Gambrea Trading is a Private Limited Company.  Our mission is to supply our customers and clients with the highest quality products and professional services that are demanded in the local and international markets. With our ever expanding services and products, Gambrea Trading is one of the fastest growing import and export companies in Ethiopia.

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Adika Automotive Trading

About Adika Automotive Trading

ADIKA is a pioneer and a leading private company in car rental business in Ethiopia and manages more than 450 vehicles under its fleet cover.

The company has diversified the activities in the area of tour, airline ticket sales, guesthouse construction and rental, hotel and lodge development, transport and logistics, communications and events, and importation of vehicles, construction machinery and equipment, bitumen, pet cock, clinker and other industrial use products as deemed necessary.

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General Mercantile P.L.C

About General Mercantile P.L.C

We at General Mercantile have spent over two decades putting customers before all else. The quality of our products, the efficiency of our delivery and maintenance, and our willingness to travel the extra mile has earned us unparalleled repute.

We have led the generator and power tool markets by continually exploring new corporate frontiers. In addition to holding the exclusive right of distribution for leaders in power tool and generator manufacturing, we offer warranties and periodic maintenance on many of our products.

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Belt General Business P.L.C

Product List:

  • Pumps ( All types )
  • Generating Set
  • Pipes and Fittings
  • U-PVC casings
  • Steel casing
  • All Water and Power Equipment
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Al Buruj General Trading P.L.C.


The former Ahmed Abderuf General Importer Business Group was established in November 1998 G.C. Within short period since its inception, as time goes by, the business has scored remarkable success in experience, finance, and competency as well.

Following the greatest success, the management of Ahmed Abderuf General Importer Business Group has resolved to move the business further, and establish it with a difference to provide efficient service to business organizations and individuals as AL-BURUJ GENERAL TRADING PLC.

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Angereb P.L.C.

Importer of different Machines and Equipments:

We represent a U.S company MS GEFCO for the supply of drilling rig and related accessories and spares. Spare parts are readily available in stock for immediate deliveries.

Drilling Machines

GEFCO (George E. Failing Company) - USA is engaged in the production of water will drilling machine.

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FRIKAS PLC offers a comprehensive range of specialty chemicals of international quality, backed by technical services. With its suppliers strong R&D & innovative approaches FRIKAS PLC can offer latest technological products and also easy adaptability to specific customized requirements. This enables FRIKAS PLC to deliver customer satisfaction and become their trusted partner in growth. In addition this company engages in offering designee, and contractor of buildings, roads and bridges.

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Ultimate Motors P.L.C.

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Tana Engineering P.L.C.

About Tana Engineering P.L.C.

Tana Engineering P.L.C. was founded in the early 1950 with 5 skilled workers and a capital of 9000 Birr. At first the machine tools installed were one lathe, one cylinder boring machine and one Land Rover Engine used as prime mover.

At present Tana Engineering is one of the leading and most experienced workshops in Addis Ababa for mechanical repair and rectification work. Our Customers include the industrial, agricultural, construction and automotive sectors.

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Electrocommercial S.C.

About Electrocommercial s.c.

Electrocommercial is an efficiently managed imports company that has been meeting the needs of the Ethiopian consumer since 1960.

The Company began serving the needs of the country through the importation of electric materials and later expanded into the importation of household goods, motor vehicles, as well as other products and continues to significantly contribute to the building and upgrading of Ethiopia’s infrastructure by offering competitive quality products.

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