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RESCO Rental  A reliable source for your equipment needs

How did it all start?

Rise Engineering S.Co.(RESCO), realizing the growing demand in the country for dependable & well supported rental machines use, started giving equipment rental service at the beginning  of 2003, offering 2xD8R track type tractors, 2x140H motor graders and 2x950Gll wheel loaders. Today this number has tripled and plans to further increase the fleet size are under way.

All our machines are backed by the best after-sales support of the company. They are operated by the company’s skilled and well experienced operators, who deliver full time productive and efficient service to customers at competitive rates.

Flexibility, convenience and cost effectiveness are key drivers and today rental is quickly becoming a viable alternative as more and more customers recognize the financial benefits it avails to them.

What’s in it for you ?

  • No Large capital investment

Renting frees up your business’s capital. Needed for purchasing own machines. It also release your business from the costs associated with equipment ownership including depreciation and costs of idle time of own machines when they are not fully utilized.

  • Minimize costly Breakdowns

You can always rent the most productive and reliable equipment and minimize costs related to breakdowns.

  • No maintenance Cost

You can eliminate costly service shops, service tooling, spare parts and avoid such cumbersome maintenance costs.

  • Eleiminate storage Costs

No need to ,maintain storage or parking yard.

  • No Equipment Obsolescence

Use equipment with the right and the latest technology without the concern of latest technology without the concern of obsolescence. No more trying to get the job done with old, worn-out and inefficient equipment.

Main specifications of typical machines in RESCO’S rental fleet.

D8R Track Type Tractor

Engine 3406E TA
Net power 305 H.P
Operating Weight 37,580 Kg
Max Penetration 1135mm

     D8R Track type

140H Motor Grader 

Engine    3306 DIT
Net Power 165/185 H.P
Operating Weight 14,661 kg
Max digging/depth of cut      715 mm

      Motor Grader 140H

966GII Wheel Loader 

Engine  3176
Net Power 235Hp
Operating Weight 22,900 kg
Max digging/depth of cut  130 mm

      Wheel Loader

325-D Hydraulic Excavator

Engine C7ACERT
Net Power 188 H.P
Operating Weight 29,900Kg
Max digging/depth of cut  6620 mm

        Hydraulic Excavator 325-D

302.5C Mini Hydraulic Excavator

Engine S3L2
Net Power 125.3 H.P
Operating Weight 2850Kg
Max digging/depth of cut  420mm

        Mini Hydraulic Excavator

Need Equipment Tomorrow ? Call and Rent Today!!

Head office
Debrezeit Road
1116 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: 0114 42 11 33
Fax: 0114 42 06 67
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