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Vehicle repairers & maintainers.

Adika Automotive Trading

About Adika Automotive Trading

ADIKA is a pioneer and a leading private company in car rental business in Ethiopia and manages more than 450 vehicles under its fleet cover.

The company has diversified the activities in the area of tour, airline ticket sales, guesthouse construction and rental, hotel and lodge development, transport and logistics, communications and events, and importation of vehicles, construction machinery and equipment, bitumen, pet cock, clinker and other industrial use products as deemed necessary.

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AEMRO Motors Work Shop & Engineering

About AEMRO Motors Work Shop & Engineering

AEMRO Motors Work Shop & Engineering is a reliable and rapidly growing automotive company in Ethiopia established in 1987. Our company is ranked high by the Ethiopian Road Transport Authority and hence is one of the best automotive engineering and workshop companies in Ethiopia. AMWE gives a reliable vehicle maintenance and repair service.

We ensure the road-worthiness of your vehicle!

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Tana Engineering P.L.C.

About Tana Engineering P.L.C.

Tana Engineering P.L.C. was founded in the early 1950 with 5 skilled workers and a capital of 9000 Birr. At first the machine tools installed were one lathe, one cylinder boring machine and one Land Rover Engine used as prime mover.

At present Tana Engineering is one of the leading and most experienced workshops in Addis Ababa for mechanical repair and rectification work. Our Customers include the industrial, agricultural, construction and automotive sectors.

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The Motor & Engineering Company of Ethiopia Ltd. S.C. (MOENCO)

About The Motor & Engineering Company of Ethiopia Ltd. S.C. (MOENCO)

The heart of Addis Ababa, around the area commonly known as Mexico, a small garage with a capital of 200, 000 Ethiopian birr was founded by Mr. Y. D. Lappine 50 years ago in a small rented house. His far sighted vision became reality with the help of other resourceful people, such as Ato Menasseh Lemma, the then Governor of the National Bank of Ethiopia, and the boss of Imperial Insurance Company.

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Equatorial Business Group P.L.C.

EBG is a diversified business entity. EBG today holds exclusive dealership and distribution rights for prominent and renowned manufacturers such as Volvo bus, cars, construction equipment and trucks. Mazda vehicles, Cummins Generator sets, Otis elevators

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Nyala Motors S.C

Organizational Profile

Nyala Motors Share Company was established in April 1973 in line with the commercial code of Ethiopia.

It can be said that Nyala Motors Share Company has been one of the front runners in the development of the private sector in Ethiopia in the last 40 years. The continued expansion of the company has become a trendsetter to others in laying a firm foundation for the success and expansion of corporate development.

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GAKY Engineering and Automotive P.L.C.

About GAKY Engineering and Automotive P.L.C.

GAKY Engineering and Automotive P.L.C is one of the subsidiary companies of GONAFER HOLDINGS, a trading company established in 1926 and is currently known as one of the oldest and leading firms in Ethiopia. GAKY had been established in 1991 as an autonomous company to handle the expanding machinery and equipment trading business of GONAFER HOLDINGS.

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Belayab Enterprises P.L.C.

About Belayab Enterprises P.L.C.


Belayab aspires to be a pre-eminent high quality and branded motor driven machineries’ and parts manufacturer in the eastern part of Africa

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Automotive Manufacturing Company of Ethiopia (AMCE)


Back in 1930, the Italian car manufacturing company, FIAT (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino) introduced in Ethiopia truck model 621 and 634 which gradually gained popularity in the country.

Apparently, encouraged by the promising result from the venture, FIAT decided to open an assembly plant in Ethiopia in collaboration with the Ethiopian Government.

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