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Equipment/Machinery repairers & maintainers.

Team Construction Materials Rental P.L.C


Team Construction Materials Rental is an Ethiopian company based in Addis Ababa providing a construction materials rental service. The materials include machinery such as compactors/rollers with a brand name of XCMG and YOTO. These machines are imported from China.

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Abay Technical & Trading S.C

አባይ ቴክኒክና ንግድ አ.ማ 


ሞዴል፡- ሎንኪንግ (ሃይድሮሊክ)

የሞተር ጉልበት ፡- 197 kw

የሞተር ዓይነት ፡- ከሚንስ

ኦፕሬቲንግ ሲስተም ፡- ሃይድሮሊክ

የመዛቅ አቅም ፡- 1.6 ሜ.ኪ.ዮብ

በስራ ላይ የማሽኑ ክብደት ፡- 34000 ኪግ (34 ቶን)

የመጓዝ ፍጥነት ፡- 5.54/3.33 ኪሜ በሰዓት

የነዳጅ ታንከር ፡- 580 ሊትር

የነዳጅ ፍጆታ ፡- 26.2-36.52 ሊትር/በሰዓት

የመቆፈር ኃይል፡- 181 KN

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Metric Engineering Works P.L.C

Metric Engineering Works Plc. A customer driven company established by six profes­sionals who acquire sound knowledge on the field. From its inception, Metric has re­mained on the forefront of machining tech­nology while maintain close attentive rela­tionship with customers.

Metric Engineering Works design manufac­ture machine and spare parts for plastic, wood. Metal, construction and agricultural sectors. Besides, it produces different types of HDPE & DCI pipe fittings.

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SINTEC ETHIOPIA (plc.) is one of the first Companies in Ethiopia established in 1989 among a consortium of seven sister companies. These group of companies include SINTEC ETHIOPIA (plc.) Metaferia Consulting Engineers (MCE), African Business & Development Consultants (ABD - Consult), ESSET P.L.C. and SINTEC ENERGY, SINTEC MOTORS and ESSET Constructions. The Companies were formed with the primary purpose of providing specialized and focused service.

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The Agricultural Equipment & Technical Service S.C.

About The Agricultural Equipment & Technical Service S.C.

The Agricultural Equipment & Technical Service Enterprise, currently reorganized as a share company, was established in 1978 G.C with a view to provide Agricultural Mechanization Services for the development of large scale farming.

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Tana Engineering P.L.C.

About Tana Engineering P.L.C.

Tana Engineering P.L.C. was founded in the early 1950 with 5 skilled workers and a capital of 9000 Birr. At first the machine tools installed were one lathe, one cylinder boring machine and one Land Rover Engine used as prime mover.

At present Tana Engineering is one of the leading and most experienced workshops in Addis Ababa for mechanical repair and rectification work. Our Customers include the industrial, agricultural, construction and automotive sectors.

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MGK Makonnen Ethiopia P.L.C.

About MGK Makonnen Ethiopia P.L.C.

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Ries Engineering S.Co. (RESCO)

About Ries Engineering S. Co. (RESCO)

Founded as an independent company in 1965, Ries Engineering S. Co. (RESCO) is the Caterpillar dealer representative for Ethiopia. Prior to that, it was operating as an engineering department of Paul Ries & Sons (ETH) Ltd since 1961, when its founders, the Ries family, acquired the Caterpillar dealership for Ethiopia.  RESCO has been established with capabilities that enabled it provide full support to its customers.

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Abadir Engineering P.L.C.

About Abadir Engineering P.L.C.

Abadir Engineering P.L.C. is an Ethiopian firm with its head office in Addis Ababa was previously established in 1975 in the name of Ali Abdella Sherif, Abadir Metal and Wood Works. The Company is among the pioneers of metal and wood products industry in Ethiopia with the objective of satisfying the demand of metal and wood products by analyzing the level of the people income.

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