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Vehicle renters.

AEMRO Motors Work Shop & Engineering

About AEMRO Motors Work Shop & Engineering

AEMRO Motors Work Shop & Engineering is a reliable and rapidly growing automotive company in Ethiopia established in 1987. Our company is ranked high by the Ethiopian Road Transport Authority and hence is one of the best automotive engineering and workshop companies in Ethiopia. AMWE gives a reliable vehicle maintenance and repair service.

We ensure the road-worthiness of your vehicle!

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Al-Bedey Construction Machinery Rental

Al-Bedey Construction Machinery Rental

Al-Bedey Construction Machinery Rental P.L.C was established in 2002 as one of the Al-Bedey Group companies in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Al-Bedey in Ethiopia is entirely involved in the development and construction of infrastructure.

In the past two years it has played an essential role in the building of the roads throughout Ethiopia. The company has seen a rapid growth in the last years from renting machinery and building equipment to working with brand new caterpillars.

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Seblewengel Duguma Heavy Construction & Transportation Equipment Rental Enterprise

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RIB Industrial and Commercial P.L.C. (RICo)

In the service sector we have construction machinery leasing service. We have our own dump trucks, loaders, excavators, graders, and bulldozers.

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FRIKAS PLC offers a comprehensive range of specialty chemicals of international quality, backed by technical services. With its suppliers strong R&D & innovative approaches FRIKAS PLC can offer latest technological products and also easy adaptability to specific customized requirements. This enables FRIKAS PLC to deliver customer satisfaction and become their trusted partner in growth. In addition this company engages in offering designee, and contractor of buildings, roads and bridges.

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Advanced Engineering P.L.C.

About Advanced Engineering P.L.C.

Advanced Engineering P.L.C. is established in 2006 to engage in the rental of construction machineries. The construction machineries and trucks that our company owns are new and we have trained operators and drivers. We have a mobile workshop with skilled technicians and we give on time maintenance for the equipments we rent.

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Tana Engineering P.L.C.

About Tana Engineering P.L.C.

Tana Engineering P.L.C. was founded in the early 1950 with 5 skilled workers and a capital of 9000 Birr. At first the machine tools installed were one lathe, one cylinder boring machine and one Land Rover Engine used as prime mover.

At present Tana Engineering is one of the leading and most experienced workshops in Addis Ababa for mechanical repair and rectification work. Our Customers include the industrial, agricultural, construction and automotive sectors.

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Belayab Enterprises P.L.C.

About Belayab Enterprises P.L.C.


Belayab aspires to be a pre-eminent high quality and branded motor driven machineries’ and parts manufacturer in the eastern part of Africa

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