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Rehobot Construction P.L.C

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Rehobot construction Plc is a private company, which is primarily engaged in the erection works of pre-engineered & Structural steel structure buildings and installation polynum reflective insulation. In addition it provides Supply of Pre-engineered Building, Structural steel structure Building and polynum reflective insulation. The company also provides Maintenance work for any kind of steel structure building, foundation for civil works and steel structure Buildings, professional consultancy services on steel structure buildings and their feasibility. Amongst others many government, international and national private companies are the customers of our company.Our company is not new by profession and was established in January 2009 and has grown to highly competitive in supply and erection work for pre-engineered and structural steel buildings. Our company has erected more than 100 pre-engineered steel structure buildings in Ethiopia. The company has fully equipped in professional man power and erection tools. The professional man power includes erection technical manager erection chief foreman, erectors and sales manager of PEB.


Yohanes is the owner of the company and he has 6 years’ experience in the pre-engineered steel structure buildings experience and construction industry. He started his career in Zami steel Addis Ababa Sales office in 2005. During that time he was the general manager of zami construction plc. (Certified builder of zami steel) and his duties is to manage the pre-engineered steel structure building erection department. In zami steel he erected more than 20 buildings.

After two years, he joined in Kirby Addis Ababa sales office in 2007 and establish the new company of REHOBOT CONSTRUCTION PLC” (certified builder of Kirby Building System up to 2011) and his duties Is marketing of Kirby pre-engineered steel structure buildings and to manage the erection department.

In Kirby, he erected more than 30 buildings up to the end of 2010. In 2011, he was planning to promote and marketing of the pre-engineered steel structure buildings in different parts of Ethiopia. Yonas has a bachelor’s degree of business administration and information system from Addis Ababa University and has gone through a variety of courses in engineered steel structure buildings including the supply and erection of PEB from different PEB.

Supplier companies and in addition to this currently, he has a student of Mechanical engineering Department on the faculty of Technology at Addis Ababa University in order to develop the skill of pre-engineered and structural steel structure buildings.

Erection department:-The term “ERECTION” is generally thought of as applying to the fabricated step for the building, but it is much more. It actually begins with the foundation, our purpose here to help you obtaining “quality erection” there by creating an owner completely satisfied and proud of your pre-engineered steel structure buildings.

The erection department of our company has more organized erection crews. The erection department has classified in 3 sub departments.

  1. The erection technical manager
  2. The erection chief
  3. Senior and Junior erectors

The erection department of our company is erected the supplier steel structure buildings depend on the erection procedure of the supplier.

The following pictures show our companies department.


A company that is a global leader in the field of supply and quality erection work for pre-engineered and structural steel buildings to possess the highest standard of integrity.


“There is no compromise when it comes to quality”

Our mission is to distinguish ourselves from others through supply of quality pre-engineered and structural steel buildings and also aim to help our customers achieve their goals, by not only meeting but rather by beating their own expectations through supper customer service and quality erection solution for the supplied steel structures buildings.

Advantages of PEB

The advantages of steel structures in comparison with concrete structures buildings are:-

  1. Increasing speed and reducing cost
  1. Improving quality and enhancing occupants satisfaction
faster construction Smaller and fewer columns and more usable clear space
Easier revenue generation More remodeling and re-use flexibility
lower Finance Cost "Green" 100% recyclable material
All-Weather construction up to 60% more useable space due to smaller size columns
Longer spans and fewer foundation Efficient heat reduction and ventilation
less excavation and fewer foundation  
Faster erection  
lower Overall  


Erection Work

Our company has to much range of erection capabilities includes all kind of steel structure (low, medium, and high complexity) such as:

  • Warehouse and distribution centers
  • Office complexes
  • Airplane hangers
  • Show rooms and production facilities
  • Shopping centers
  • Power plants
  • High rise buildings
  • Oil and gas structures

There has been a continuous effort to provide customers with the most efficient, effective and safest full service steel construction, no matter the size, complexity of location of your project our company can provide you with personalized service, reliability and quality Construction you deserve.
Therefore, the erection will be done efficiently the schedule due to the erection procedure of the steel structure building fabricator company.

Maintenance WorkMaintenance Work

Due to poorer erection of the steel structure buildings specifically in the part of roof sheeting leakage will happen. Then, our company has the ability to avoid the leakage and other problems by skilled erectors those who has specifically trained to maintain the particular problem.

Therefore, our company has to maintain for any parts of the steel structure buildings due to customer requests.


Foundation workFoundation Work

Our company has to innovate the construction of foundation a work which is used only to the purpose of pre-engineered and structural steel buildings.

Any building, regardless of size type, depends on a good foundation for a satisfactory life expectancy and a minimum maintenance last during that life. Accurate foundation dimensions and proper anchor bolt locations and critical to the overall erection procedure. Therefore, it should be accurate and within the tolerance specified in the erection drawing out company has to innovate the construction of foundation work which is used for any purposes including pre-engineered and structural steel buildings.



ErectionPre-engineered buildings are defined by the following geometrical parameters: Building width, Length, Eave height, Roof slope, Sidewall bay spacing, end wall bay spacing and main frame module space. Also design loads are the basic parameter. Building Length and width are defined by the distance between steel lines. Extreme surface edges of girts and purlins are treated as steel line. Sum of side wall bay spaces will be equal to the building length. Eave height is the distance from Finished floor level to inter section point of roof and sidewall steel line. Roof Slope is defined as the ratio between vertical distance and horizontal distance of the roof surface. Standard roof slopes are 0.5:10 and 1.0:10 To describe the side wall bay spacing, main frame column spacing to be referred start from back end wall steel line to right end wall steel line. Same way back end wall and front end wall bay spacing to be given from left side wall steel line to right side wall steel line.

Primary Main FramePrimary Main frames: Pre-engineered buildings offer complete freedom of design to accommodate customers need. EBS has particularly developed several types to offer optimized economical configuration for customers to choose from according to space, span, crane and architectural requirements.When building width is less than 25m, clear span frame will provide un-interrupted clear work space in the building. When building width is more than 25m, it will not be an economical choice to the customer.

Airport Hangers:- The width of the buildings may vary from 30m to 90m depending upon the number and type Airport Hangeresof aircraft. Hangers up to 60m clear span are economically built using pre-engineering building system; however, for span exceeding 60m, a structural truss-column system becomes more economical.

Multi span FrameMulti span Frame:-The introduction of interior columns allows for greater spans without internal gutters and rainwater pipes. This type of design optimizes bay spacing, building weight and therefore cost.

Single Slope buildings are offered with single or multi-span modular options. Straight or tapered columns are available.

Single Slope




Multi Gable Multi Gable Buildings are maintaining a low ridge height for very wide buildings.


Curved Roof

Curved Roof gives special appearance to the building and modular width also can be increased.


Roof system:- When Concrete wall exist to support main building, utilizing the support, roof system will be the cost effective solution and more work space to the client can be achieved. However, there will be a limitation on building span.

Lean-to and Car Canopies:-These building enhancements are ideal for car parking, building expansions. The structure can be made of hot-rolled or built-up sections. Lean-to’s require a supporting structure to take the lean-to reaction.

T-Canopy                                                    Butter-fly Canopy

Butter-fly Canopy & T-Canopy


ndustrial Structures and Buildings.

Its design capacity, its substantial resources, its considerable output, its commitment to service make Rehobot a choice supplier for large industrial and infrastructure projects.

Pipe rack: Supporting structure for Petroleum Gas Pipe line.

Pipe rack


Pipe rack: Supporting structure for Petroleum Oil Pipe line.

Gas Turbine House: industrial Building for housing Gas turbine station


Truss memberTruss memberIndustrial stairs with handrails








Complex Bracing wall and floor members                                                    Column, Beam & Bracing connection

Complex Bracing wall and floor members Column, Beam & Bracing connection





As structural steel manufacturer, our company can supply any complex structures and buildings.

High rise and Low rise Buildings

High and Low rise buildings are usually city block commercial developments. The architectural and aesthetic requirements will control interior and exterior column spacing and therefore grid (bay) size.

Building framing consists of either two way rigid frame, in a one-way rigid and one-way braced frame or Two way braced frame. The floor deck consists in either:

- a low depth non-composite profiled steel deck supported by joints, beams
  and intermediate support column, or

- a composite profiled steel deck supported as above, or

- a pre-cast concrete plank, whether hollow core, solid or pre-slab resting on
   the joists / beams.

The beams will be typically fitted with stubs to ensure composite action along their axis.

Multi-storey structures can be sub-divided into:

1. Fully steel framed structures with rigid frame or braced frame systems
2. Beam and column steel frames connected to reinforced concrete core or
    shear wall.

Commercial Building: Low rise building.                   Office Tower Bahrain
No of Floors : B + G + 4 + P                                   A high rise building.

Building Size : 34.6m x 40.2m                                  No of floors : 19+4 floors Height : 90m,Size : 23mx31m    

Commercial Building

Office Tower in Bahrain

Steel Deck Slab
The floor system consists of concrete supported on steel decking sheet which is resting on composite or non-composite joist and beams. For composite joist and beams shear stud connectors can be field welded through decking or shop welded with decking pre- punched. The steel beams have the flexibility to allow penetrations within the web depth to allow services to pass through by providing web openings.

Steel Deck Slab


Multi-Storey Buildings

  • Residential / Commercial
  • Shopping Malls
  • Leisure Centres
  • Multi-storey car parks
  • Hospitals


  • Bridges
  • Power & Desalination
  • Airports & Seaports
  • Aircraft Hangars

Heavy Industries

  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Aluminum Smelters
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Cement Plants

Polynum thermal reflective insulation “Reflecting 97% of radiation heat”

Polynum TM products are Fiber- Free and manufactured of pure aluminum Foil bounded to polyethylene bubble sheeting. Polynum TM’s unique design out performs all mineral-based insulation materials, reflecting 97.4% of radiated heat and saving heating costs in water and cooling costs in summer.

The Polynum TM family is widely used to aid climate control in pitched and tile-roofed houses, Flat-roofed commercial and industrial buildings, in community buildings such as schools and a , and in livestock structures. Polynum TM products can be applied in conjunction with tiles or metal roof, brick or plaster walls, under Floors or above ceilings.

“For better future ask for Polynum TM reflective insulation”

Main Branch
Gerji Road,Yererber,Yeab Bereket Bulding,1st floor
180379 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: 0118 60 82 49, 09 11 68 96 24
Fax: 0118 6931 67
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