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PASQUA GIUSEPPE Metal Works Company

Area of work
• Manufacturer
Manufactured Type:
• Construction related work

About PASQUA GIUSEPPE Metal Works Company

PASQUA GIUSEPPE Metal Works Company was established in 1966 G.C.  The sole proprietor was Mr Pasqua Giuseppe Ethiopian National.

For over 45 years the company has been working on the production of steel. In 1993 it began aluminium works.

The workshop started its work with one welding machine, one grinding machine a few tools and two workers. In those days the market demand was for artistic hand work and thus the products of the workshop were mainly fences, fence doors, garden chairs, and tables. Few to mention are:

  • Hilton Hotel fence
  • Fence of public garden in front of Hilton
  • Chairs and tables of rendezvous bar at post office
  • Harambe Hotel grill
  • Finfine Rendezvous grill...

 The first expansion of the workshop, following the demand for different types of metal work, took place when Mr Pasqua decided to start making doors and windows by adding welding machine, a circular cutting machine, tube binding machine and 6 workers increasing the workforce to 10 person.

 Results of this expansion were:

  • Bedelu building assembly of doors and windows in aluminium
  • Lycee Guebre Mariam door and window for the new building
  • Mortgage Bank
  • Harambe Hotel the first external fire staircase in Ethiopia
  •  Bedelu building
  • Women Association building
  • Commercial Bank in Mercato
  • Finfine building
  • Haregot building.

Though the workshop showed a decline during the Derg Regime, the owner had done his best to maintain its life by starting production of the first trailers for agricultural purpose and steel structures for roofing.

The actual work force in charge is 90 employees.

The declared capital of the company is Birr 3,000,000 (Three million Birr)

Invested capital is about 10,000,000 (Ten million Birr)


The company specializes in manufacturing of the following products.

  • Aluminium partitions, ceiling
  • Aluminium Doors, Windows, Curtain Wall
  • Trailers for agricultural purpose
  • Trailed tankers for agriculture, construction & industry
  • Tankers for fuel and water
  • All type of heavy and light steel structure for any purpose
  • Pre-fabricated houses for field use such as: -

                           - Site office

                           - Site dormitory

                           - Kitchen /WC

  • Finishing materials for buildings

Different Steel Engineering Works

  • Glass Bottle Factory
  • China Complant
  • Feleke Ashine
  • Dragados J&P
  • Necso Salini J.V.
  • Faews Pharmaceuticals
  • Ireland Embassy
  • Dembel Building
  • Abune Gebremenfeskidus church

Prefabricated Construction

  • Coffee Plantation
  • B.G.I (Ethiopia) PLC
  • Sur Construction
  • Queen Burger
  • JICA
  • Dr. Beyene Bizuayene
  • SALINI CONSTRUTTORI (Hydro-Power Project)
  • Dembel Building
  • Tekleberhan Ambaye G.C.
  • Alemayehu Ketema G.C.
  • Berhe Hagos G.C.
  • Neima Edle Hassen (Djibouti)
PASQUA GIUSEPPE Metal Works Company
Next to St.Joseph Church Nifasilk Lafto Sub city
4889 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 114 43 12 56
Fax: +251 114 42 15 11
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