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Osac Business P.L.C.

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• Contractor
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• Real Estate Developer
• Importer
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• Retailer
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About New look Construction and Real Estate

New look Construction one of the Osac Business Group leading company was established with the purpose of providing large-scale construction services and contributing to the development of the construction industry in the country. Since the company's establishment, new look Construction has successfully accomplished more large-scale projects.

Since its inception, the primary motto of the company has been to complete its projects on time, deliver quality products and services, and complete projects within budget. The Company’s commitment to quality, cost control and client satisfaction has been the cornerstone for its uninterrupted growth into a reputed construction firm in a short period of time. New look construction is proud to have reached a level where its fixed assets exceed the requirement for General Contractor Level I, as defined by the Ministry of Works and Urban Development Authority.

The main goals of New look Construction PLC are to:

  • Maintain its decisive position in the domestic market and increase its involvement in foreign market as well.
  • Contribute to the growth of the construction industry in Ethiopia by espousing superior and safe construction industry standards as part of its operational framework.
  • Maintain a maximum level of customer satisfaction.
  • Thrive to ensure the professional development of its staff.
  • Ensure the financial endurance of the company.
  • Keep providing high quality service to satisfy our business partners.

New Look Real Estate

New Look Real Estate is the largest and in the past several years, it has worked all the way to success, establishing itself at the forefront of a highly competitive domestic housing market by building and delivering affordable and quality homes to all segments of the society.

New Look Real estate's vision is to see itself always standing out uniquely among its competitors in no other way than excelling in putting together the two inseparable aspects of housing demand viewed from a twenty first century customer's context: affordability and quality. It is our belief that, when customers find these two bound together in a single package; they know that they have made a sound choice and a valuable investment in the homes we deliver to them.

Currently, New Look Real estate has launched the construction of 5080 unites, a combination of villas and apartments. New Look Real estate will utilize its professional and skilled workforce and financial strength to complete.



Osac Business P.L.C.
Ethio-China Friendship Avenue / Wello Sefer KT12 Building , 2nd floor
Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 111 57 73 99
Fax: +251 111 57 74 00
Osac Business P.L.C.
Guinea Bissau St / Lebu Mebrat hayil Osac Tower
Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
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