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About Nyala Insurance

Private Business Institution of whatever nature except the informal and uncontrollable economic sector, had been naturalized by the Socialist Regime prevailed from 1974 to 1993. During this period, all the existing Insurance Companies were taken over by government owned Insurance Corporation. However, following the change to market led economy in 1994, many private business institutions such as Banks and Insurance and others were established and Nyala was the NO.7 to be licensed in July 1995.

Nyala Insurance S. C. or “NISCO” was established with Birr 5.0 Million. Capital and 7.0 Million. paid up, later increased to Birr 25.0 Million. In 1997 and at further increased to Birr 30.00 Million. as at July 2005.


Guarantee "CARE and PROTECTION" to all our stakeholders and delivering it faithfully and responsibly.


Continuously interact with and recognize clients’ point of views. Ensure clients fully understood the term and conditions of protection policies before commitment. Ensure own staff always follow the company's business principles and practices. Implement a state-of-the art information system so that customer services are enhanced by way of providing timely and accurate information. In short, practice the old saying; "The Customer is The King!”

Unique Features


NISCO demonstrates its "Care & Protection" commitments through the: - Advisory Service providing free risk management advice to corporate and individual customers, existing and/or potential. Insurance awareness session at all Service Centers nationwide.


We provide all kinds of General Insurance (Engineering, Aviation, motor, Marine, Fire, Personal accident, Medical, and many more.) protection covers.

Workmen’s compensation

Provides cover for any worker in the insured's immediate service engaged at work suffering death or bodily injury by accident or occupation­al diseases occurring at the place of work & dur­ing the time of work and in connection with his employment.

Nyala Insurance Head office
12753 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 116 62 66 67
Fax: +251 116 62 67 06
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