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About Muller Real Estate

Muller Real Estate is a privately held experienced construction and real estate development company founded by the successful entrepreneur Mr. Mulugeta Tesfakiros.   Mr. Mulugeta has built a reputation as a developer with the right experience and financial strength to take on challenging projects. Under Mr. Mulugeta’s leadership Akakas Real Estate was able to construct and sell 12 G+1 Villas in the Lebbu area in 2010.

Muller Real Estate is unlike any other real estate development firm in Ethiopia. We are able to control production delays and escalating construction costs by keeping the majority of our work in–house. We own heavy construction equipment which we use for all major construction projects and have a network of dependable contractors and suppliers to get the work done. In short, we are the only company that can develop a property completely and deliver to our clients without delays. From original groundbreaking to the construction and sales of residential and commercial units, Muller Real Estate maintains complete control. Muller Real Estate is also in the process of constantly developing a unique bouquet of real estate in select areas of Addis Ababa and its surrounding suburbs.  Our properties include villas, apartments, and commercial units located in the Gurd Sholla, CMC, Lebbu, Ayat and Beklo Bet, Kazanchis and 22 Mazoria.

Muller Industries, the parent company of Muller Real Estate, was established by Mr. Mulugeta and his partners in 2010.  Muller Industries has built a portfolio across key sectors of the economy that includes investments real estate, tourism, manufacturing, and in food processing plants.  The list of major shareholders in Muller Industries includes other prominent names in real estate and investment.  Furthermore, Mr. Mulugeta is the sole owner of Akakas Real Estate, Freedom Real Estate, New Hope Real Estate and SNB Real Estate as well as Akakas Logistics, Muller Industries and Ham Innovative Technologies.

Our Houses


At Gurd shollaAre you ready for a life surrounded by suburban tranquility? Then you need to call SNB Muller Apartments your next home.  Situated at Gurd-Sholla area in close proximity to almost everything in Addis, this worry-free gated community will feature G+4 buildings with Two and Three bedroom apartments with thoughtfully designed floor plans and only 4 units on each floor.  The Two bedroom apartment consists of a large living and dining area, two and a half bathrooms and a spacious kitchen and balcony.  The Three bedroom apartments, which come in two sizes 109m2 and 113m2, consist of a Master bedroom with an in-suite bathroom, a large living and dining room, a large kitchen and a big balcony to enjoy the Addis skyline.  Live in a serene yet amazingly convenient location, nestled in a lovely neighborhood in the much sought after Gurd-Sholla area. Here is your golden opportunity to find peace in a uniquely private and beautifully community. 

2 Bed Room 93 m2 3 Bed Room 110 m2 2 Bed Room 115 sq m2
Living/Dining -36.6m2 Living/Dining-37m2 Living/Dining-42.2m2
Kitchen-12.2m2 Kitchen-12m2 Kitchen-11.7m2
Bathroom-4.8m2 Bathroom-12m2 Bathroom-4.7m2
Bedroom-12.2M2 Bedroom-12m2 Bedroom-12.9m2
Master Bedroom-18.3m2 Master Bedroom-19.1m2 Master Bedroom-18.8m2
MasterBath-4.8m2 MasterBath-4.8m2 MasterBath-4.7m2
Corridor-2.4m2 Corridor-3.6m2 Corridor-4.7m2
Balcoany-2.4m2 Balcoany-3.6m2 Balcoany-3.6m2
Price 1,150,000 birr Price 1,334,000 birr Price 1,380,000 birr

New Hope

At lebbuNew Hope Muller is an elegant new apartment community situated right off the ring-road between the Lebbu and Mekanisa roundabouts. These charming G+4 apartment buildings consist of thoughtfully designed one, two and three bedroom apartments being offered in different sizes and floor plans with only 4 units on each floor. At New Hope Muller you'll find that each of our units combine tasteful elements of quality living with great functional features to fit your lifestyle. The one bedroom apartments come in three different sizes 59m2, 63m2 and 65m2 with a spacious living and dining area and a fully functional kitchen space.  The two bedroom apartments consists of 124 m2 of living space with a master bedroom and in-suite bathroom and balcony, a spacious living and dining area with its own balcony, a large kitchen and a maids room with a small bathroom. The three bedroom apartments which has also  3 balconies in each unit sits on 145m2 of living space, a master bedroom with an in-suite bathroom and balcony, a very large living and dining area with a large balcony and a maid’s room with a small bathroom. Residents can also enjoy an outdoor green area that is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the spectacular view of the Addis skyline. . If it's how you live that matters, then you owe it to yourself to call New Hope your next home. We left no detail untouched to provide you an exceptional apartment living experience, which is far from ordinary.

2 Bedroom 124m2 3 Bedroom 145m2
Living/Dining-43.2m2 Living/Dining-46.4m2
Kitchen-12m2 Kitchen-17.8m2
Bathroom-4.2m2 Bathroom-4.6m2
Masterbedroom-16.2m2 Bedroom-12.8m2
MasterBath-4.2m2 Bedroom-12.8m2
Maid's room-4.2m2 Masterbedroom-17.4m2
Maid's toilet-2.2m2 MasterBath-4.6m2
Corridor-12m2 Maid's room-4.6m2
Lobby-3.2m2 Maid's toilet-2.3m2
K/Balcoly-4.2m2 Corridor-17.8m2
L/Balcoly-4.2m2 Lobbay-3.4m2
B/Balcoly-2.2m2 K/Balcoly-4.6m2
Price 1,853,800 birr L/Balcoly-4.6m2
B/Balcoly-2.3m2  Price 3,137,759


1 Bed Room 59m2 1 Bed Room 63m2 1 Bed Room 65m2
Living/Kitchen-26m2 Living/Kitchen-33.8m2 Living/Kitchen-32m2
Bathroom-4.7m2 Bathroom-4.8m2 Bathroom-4.7m2
Bedroom-21.2m2 Bedroom15.8m2 Bedroom-21.3m2
Lobby-2.4m2 L/Balcoly-2.5m2 Loddy-3.5m2
Balcony-4.7m2 B/Balcony-2.5m2 Balcony-3.5m2
Price 882,050 birr Price 941,850 Price 971,750 birr

Adey Abeba

At AyatSet in the Ayat area just a couple of blocks from Ayat roundabout, Adey Muller Apartments a new apartment community of modern and elegant homes. These affordable two and three bedroom apartments will feature G+4 buildings with well-designed floor plans to fit your needs.  The 2-bedroom apartment is 93m2 and consists of a living and dining area, large master bedroom and bathroom and a cozy balcony. The 3-bedroom apartments come in two different sizes 109m2 and 113m2 with a spacious living and dining, a large kitchen and two balconies. Each unit will also have access to seven m2 of common area. With an impressive panoramic view of the surrounding countryside, Adey Muller Apartments offer the ultimate in suburban serenity. It’s a new community that provides residents all of the convenience of city life but away from the everyday hustle and bustle.  Known for its excellent schools, charming cafes, and numerous shopping spots the Ayat neighborhood is quickly becoming the most sought after location in Addis. So stop searching and buy an apartment at Adey Muller today, a perfect place for you and your family.

2 Bed Room 93m2 3 Bed Room 110 m2 2 Bed Room 115 sq.m2
Living/Dining-36.6m2 Living/Dining-37m2 Living/Dining-452.2m2
Kitchen-12.2m2 Kitchen-12m2 Kitchen-11.7m2
Bathroom-4.8m2 Bathroom-4.8m2 Bathroom-4.7m2
Bedroom-12.2m2 Bedroom-12m2 Bedroom-11.7m2
Masterbedroom-18.3m2 Masterbedroom-19.1m2 Masterbedroom18.8m2
Masterbath-4.8m2 Masterbath-4.8m2 Masterbath-4.7m2
Corridor-2.4m2 Corridor-3.6m2 Corridor-4.7m2
Balcony-2.4m2 Balcony-3.6m2 Balcony-3.6m2
Price 1,092,500 birr Price 1,267,300 birr Price 1,311,000 birr


Muller Real Estate Head Office
Cameroon St / Bole Medhanialem Mafi city center 5th floor
Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 115 52 50 39
Fax: +251 115 52 47 40
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