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Minaye P.L.C

Area of work
• Importer
Imported Type:
• Retailer
Retailed Type:

MINAYE PLC is a group of companies engaged in the supply of office and household furniture, import, retail and distribution of Food stuff and Cleaning Materials (Supermarket items), photo copy services, manufacturing of carton boxes, flexible packaging and other forms of packaging, printing service and in the agricultural sector by growing and export flowers (Roses) in Ethiopia.

Minaye PLC was established as a Private Limited Company (PLC) in 1992 with a capital of 23,000,000.00 (Twenty three million Birr), before establishment as PLC it has operated for over 20 years as a sole proprietorship.  Minaye is involved in many sectors of the economy.

Minaye has a total of 1,293 employees and is well known for its customer care, 30 days credit facility, after sales services like maintenance, assembly, free transportation and consultation. Minaye has a good reputation with its partners in the banks as well as with government offices. Minaye has never had any Claims, arbitration, or other litigation records. Minaye and its owners have a prolonged personal and most of all commercial relationship with Government, Non-Government, Private companies and individuals in the country.

Head Office Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: 0113 72 86 67,0113 72 86 68
Fax: 0113 71 06 27
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