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Mesfin Industrial Engineering P.L.C.

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 About Mesfin Industrial Engineering P.L.C.

Vision: To be a fully-fledged ‘best in class’ engineering company in the electromechanical and manufacturing sector.

Mission: Creating superior value to owners, customers and employees and be a pioneer in the industrialization of the nation.


1.     We execute all works in a genuine, transparent and accountable manner.

2.     We always add value, handle company property with maximum care and ensure efficient utilization of resources.

3.     We give full customer satisfaction and strive to exceed their expectations.

4.     We work hard to be best in class and lead the way for quality.

5.     We build sustainable, closer, long-lasting relationship with our customers and partners.

6.     We always give maximum respect to our employees, customers and partners.

7.     We ensure employment; promotion and reward are based on merit, competence and performance.

8.     We are as good as our employees and our employees are our main sources of competitive advantage. We therefore create opportunities for continuous employee development and empowerment.

9.     We develop brotherhood among employees.

10.    We always ensure safe working conditions to all employees.

11.    We provide necessary support to our employees as much as possible.

12.    We always observe the law.

Having a vision of being a fully-fledged ‘best in class’ engineering company in the electromechanical and manufacturing sectors throughout the country, MIE has been playing a noble role for the last ten years. Throughout its span MIE has designed, manufactured and supplied:

  • Over 3000 units of 2 & 3 – Axle draw bar Dry Cargo trailers & semi-trailers.
  • Over 1000 units of 3-axle drawbar fuel cargo trailers & semi-trailers
  • 5 to 10 million liters capacity storage tank
  • Accomplished the manufacturing of:
  1. Low bed trailers for heavy equipment transport
  2. Agricultural trailers
  3. Antenna towers up to 60 meters high
  4. Electromechanical erection works of factories & civic buildings
  5. Renting and Maintenance of heavy duty and light vehicles
  6. Dry Products Storage Tank, Potable Water Storage Tank
  7. Overhead cranes of 3.2 to 10 ton capacity
  8. Penstock for hydropower projects
  9. Equipments for Cement and Sugar plants

A wide range of products is manufactured at its industrial complex (35,000M2 covered premises on a 120,000M2), which is fully equipped with the state of the art machinery. MIE has also a team of well experienced engineers and internationally certified welders. They possess all capability and required equipments to design and manufacture various components with a modern technology.

Construction Industry

MIE manufactures a wide range of mobile and stationary crashing plants for the domestic and export market. It also manufacturers concrete batching plants, trans-mixers, tippers and other similar construction equipments. Furthermore it manufactures steel bridge and constructs steel buildings.

Electromechanical construction and HVAC System

MIE is the only local grade 1 electromechanical works licensed company nationwide. It carried out various electromechanical erection and installation works such as erection of machinery and equipment of various factories, hospitals, civic buildings, hydropower projects etc. It also carried out a production of air conditioning equipments and erection works (HVAC system).

Industrial Projects

With the support of CAD and CAM software MIE designs, manufactures and erects industrial components for cement, textile, brewery, food, and sugar industry. Moreover, MIE manufactures multi-purpose industrial cranes and boilers.

In addition to the aforementioned tasks Mesfin Industrial Engineering renders renting services of light and heavy-duty vehicles, 50 tone mobile crane, 3 to 5 tone forklifts and 15 meter cube dump trucks. It also gives maintenance service to light & heavy duty vehicles in its well organized Garages in Mekelle and Addis Ababa.

Energy Sector

With the help of a radiographic, ultrasonic and other testing services provided in its testing laboratory, MIE has a full capacity of manufacturing and erecting hydroelectric components such as penstocks, steel liners, gates and reservoirs. Furthermore, it has a unique rolling machine in East Africa that produces very large fuel storage tanks. The Mega Rolling Plant has a total annual design capacity of producing storage tank of one billion liters.

Transport Industry

MIE is the biggest single trailer manufacturing factory in Ethiopia. It designs and manufactures vehicle bodies, trailers, High and Low-bed semi-trailers as well. MIE has a capacity of manufacturing over 1500 trailers and semi-trailers per annum. It produces Truck bodies, 2-Axle & 3-Axle trailers & semi-trailers for dry and fuel cargo transport low beds for transporting heavy duty equipment, bus body, and Tipper bodies.

Mesfin Industrial Engineering P.L.C. Head Office
Godena Mussaie
508 Mekelle, Tigray
Phone: +251 34 40 50 33
Fax: +251-34-40 62 25
Mesfin Industrial Engineering P.L.C. Commercial Section 24480 Code 1000 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 116 29 85 51 / 52 / 54
Fax: +251 116 29 85 60
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