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Mertelo Ethiopia

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About Mertelo Ethiopia

"Dink Behibret" our first name and many customers of ours knows by this name, before a few years ago we were under the category small and medium enterprise. Mertelo Ethiopia is a new comer company that manufactures a lot of construction machineries with high quality

Our Products


We provide you our new & powerful Block Making Machine. Hydraulic block making machine can make concrete blocks with different sizes & high quality.


1. Control Valve I: It place the mixed concrete from the concrete mixer and take it to its own prepared mold, it also arrange place to the next one.

2. Control Valve II: It presses the inserted concrete to the prepared block mold and make/prepare the block with its given format.

3. Control Valve I: After the concrete prepared it arranged a pallet for the blocks.

4. Control Valve I: It takes out the finished blocks from the pallet arrange place to the next one.


We are also offering simple and easy to operate block making machine which is widely used in various construction sites and small civil engineering industries, and this machine requires low maintenance.

The red flat surface of the machine vibrates so that the row materials will get compacted and produce good quality blocks.

Floor Tile (Terrazzo) Machine

In our hydraulic press terrazzo tile making machine four people are sufficient to easily use and produce. All the operation components are easily accessible and need little maintenance. The hydraulic piston operate at a pressure of 50-100 bar.

Thxis Floor Tile (TERRAZZO) machine is the best way to produce high quality floor tiles within short amount of time. And the machine is very simple and easily accessible.


Ethiopia also manufactures a useful concrete mixing machine with quality and different sizes. The machine has its own electric dynamos & a device that can convert speed to power called gearbox.

In side this mixing machine there is a component looks like a human hand to mix the concrete and to let this machine works properly there is a water pipe inside it to waters the concrete and makes is more smoother. After the mixing process the concrete goes out through the door and goes out its own receiver conveyer belt. The amount of this conveyer belt has its own electric power.


  • As we are a beginner company Mertelo Ethiopia has a lot of features that have to become real within a couple of years.
  • Our first vision is to control increase the amount of importing machinery from other countries like turkey, china, japan and more growth countries.
  • We also planned to going through the highest level of making machines like Loader, Excavator and others.
  • Redesign the products we made and change the way it works like, increase the amount of peoples that operate that machine, change the physical layout to smaller one and much more
  • Set contact with other countries merchants and start exporting our products and take the line that takes us to the competition world to other companies.
  • Start working with our countries famous construction companies and sell our products widely.


We also offer you this machines with Reasonable Prices

  • Pumice Crusher
  • Stone Crusher
  • Semi-Automatic Block Making Machine
  • Table Vibrator
  • Any modification Works

We are certified company on many categories!

Mertelo Ethiopia
Gurd Shola in front of LUCY ACADEMY or Around Ethiopian Athletics Federation
Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 116 63 03 47
Fax: +251 116 60 57 94
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