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MCS Generall Trading PLC

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 MCS General Trading PLC was established on 2007 by four professionals & visionary friends. Who have been working for the last 12(twelve) years and above at Various Governmental and Non government organizations. The initial capital of the firm was Birr 100,000.00(One Hundred Thousand). At the time of establishment, the company´s total number of employees was only seven. This includes both the permanent & temporary employees. .


Be a world class company with a good name and first choice of customers


  • Provide quality and affordable price products to Testifying customers
  • Supply Important and current information at the right time.
  • Make customers to have correct working producer and manpower.
  • Create new businesses which satisfy the need of our society.

The company engaged in both domestic and foreign businesses.

  • In our domestic business: we have construction materials supply, Machinery Rental & Advertisement and promotion departments.
  • In our foreign business: we have Agricultural machinery & spare parts departments.

   Our company is mainly engaged in the importation and distribution of construction machineries, ndustrial machineries, material handling equipments, tyres, Batteries and various parts with the aim of transferring modern technology to different sectors of development programmes of the country.

   Within this short period of time our company is becoming a competitor in the same and similar industries. This is because the firm has invested a lot in having the appropriate person at the appropriate place. Beside educational qualification, the staffs of organization have the appropriate experience in the same and similar industries and have taken trainings in the sector. Furthermore, we are on the way to open Breach offices at four major cities of the country in order to have major market share in Ethiopia.

   Currently, MCS Company provides simple, hi tech, affordable machineries in major sectors with complete service and technical support.

   Our above activities have been carried out our head office which is located at Yeka sub-city Kebele Around Megenagna Marathon Building. The second one is our work shop and ware house located at Yeka sub-city Kebele The main service we provide, but not limited to are

  • Construction machinery
  • Industrial machinery
  • Material handling equipments
  • Supply of complete spare parts
  • Assembly services using hose and couplings
  • Supply of high quality tyres for medium and heavy trucks
  • Tyres and Batteries and
  • Technical service at the company´s workshop

   Our goal is to exceed the expectation of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased customer service and get value.

  Our associates are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receiving the most effective professional service.

   Now our company growth and increase its employees to 37 and it capital become more the Birr 1,600,000.00

Head Office
Megenagna Diaspora Square Marathon Bldg 6th floor ,608
22600 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: 0116 61 22 30,09 11 52 57 82/83
Fax: 0116 61 22 35
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