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Vehicle manufacturers.

Betret International P.L.C.

About Betret International P.L.C.

Betret International PLC in cooperation with BYD AUTO, a Chinese company, has set up a car assembly plant in Adama on 50 thousand square meters. Betret BYD Assembly Factory has been erected on 7 thousand square meter area. At its current capacity the plant can assemble four cars a day. When the factory goes fully operational, it is expected to assemble 20 cars a day.

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Yangfan Motors P.L.C.

About Lifan Motors in Ethiopia-Yangfan Motors P.L.C.

Yangfan Motors PLC is a subsidiary branch of Lifan Motors (China) engaged in assembling and distributing Lifan vehicles in Ethiopia.

Our show room is located at left side from kazanchis to St.Urael church NGF Building. Above 100 employees, 97% of them are local people. Our factory is located at Kality sub city behind green forwarding on 15,000 m2.

Our Modern service station is located at Kera in front of the court office, equipped with modern equipments and skilled man power.

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Belayab Enterprises P.L.C.

About Belayab Enterprises P.L.C.


Belayab aspires to be a pre-eminent high quality and branded motor driven machineries’ and parts manufacturer in the eastern part of Africa

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Automotive Manufacturing Company of Ethiopia (AMCE)


Back in 1930, the Italian car manufacturing company, FIAT (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino) introduced in Ethiopia truck model 621 and 634 which gradually gained popularity in the country.

Apparently, encouraged by the promising result from the venture, FIAT decided to open an assembly plant in Ethiopia in collaboration with the Ethiopian Government.

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Mesfin Industrial Engineering P.L.C.

 About Mesfin Industrial Engineering P.L.C.

Vision: To be a fully-fledged ‘best in class’ engineering company in the electromechanical and manufacturing sector.

Mission: Creating superior value to owners, customers and employees and be a pioneer in the industrialization of the nation.


1.     We execute all works in a genuine, transparent and accountable manner.

2.     We always add value, handle company property with maximum care and ensure efficient utilization of resources.

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METEC Bishoftu Automotive Industry (BAI)

About Bishoftu Automotive Industry (BAI)

Bishoftu Automotive Industry (BAI) was established in 1999 and placed under the management of the ministry of Defense. It was incorporated into the Metals and Engineering Corporation in 2010.


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