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Material manufacturers.

B & C Aluminum P.L.C.

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence by supplying world-class aluminum products, innovative design, production and installation processes to provide the highest level of satisfaction to our customers by understanding, accepting, meeting and exceeding their expectations.

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Country Trading P.L.C.

About Country Trading P.L.C.

Country Trading was established thirty years ago by the visionary aspiration of Ato Benyam Berhane Atona who owned it as a sole proprietor for some time. However, with the expansion of the vision of the company came the need to restructure and transform it onto a Private Limited Company level. Country Trading PLC thus came into being twenty years ago with expanded different divisions and a sister company.

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Inter-Emirates Paint Factory

About Inter-Emirates Paint Factory

Inter-Emirates Paint Factory is committed to demonstrating to its Ethiopian Consumers its high ethical standards especially in business dealings.

It is envisaged that the manufacturing of quality paints will certainly contribute immensely and give enhanced Philip to the development of the Building Construction Industry of Ethiopia.

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Nefas Silk Paints Factory

About Nefas Silk Paints Factory

NSPF was initially established as a private company in 1967 G.C, with an initial capital of Birr 250,000 under the name, Mega Paints Factory. Later when Derg came to power, it was nationalized and its name was changed first to Tseday then to Nefas Silk Paints Factory. Since May 2010 it was privatized and transferred to Ato Tedla Yizengaw.

After privatization NSPF has added new product lines and also doubled its production while keeping the quality.

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Ethiopian Steel P.L.C.

About Ethiopian Steel P.L.C.

Ethiopian Steel PLC was incorporated in 1996 and operates out of the capital city, Addis Ababa. It supplies roof sheeting in corrugated, mini-corrugated and tile profiles.  It also manufactures ridges, flashings and gutters, bullnosed sheets, and steel door profiles.

Brands already launched in the market are: Versatile, Romantile, Trimflute, Covermax, EGA 300, EGA 500 & 11/3 Corrugated roofing sheets in painted and unpainted.

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Artmetal Ethiopia P.L.C.

Our mission is to provide artistic iron products, crafted steel components, cast iron, balustrades, gates & fences, hand rails, grills ... to different type of users efficiently & effectively to ensure maximum level of Satisfaction.

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Habesha Steel Mills P.L.C.

About Habesha Steel Mills P.L.C.

Habesha Steel Mills PLC is an Ethiopian manufacturer of deformed (ribbed) reinforcement bars of Grade RB500 Standard, Grade 60 Quality. Our product is confirming to the National and International standards meeting the stringent demand of the discerning customers. The factory is located in the industrial town of Dukem which is located some 39 km from the capital, Addis Ababa. We began operations 2 years ago and our product has been synonymous with quality.

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HAST Enterprise

About HAST Enterprise

HAST Enterprise is the first business entity established by the family on their own. It was established in 1995 E.C. with a capital and experience gained through the previous business ventures with other partners. The company is registered in the name of Ato Seid Hassen established with a capital of 150,000ETB.

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Kality Metal Products Factory

The factory uses imported steel sheets in coils as its major input to produce standardized and job order metal products. We also produce Rectangular Tubes, Square Tubes, Circular Tubes.

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MAME Steel Mill P.L.C.


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