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Material manufacturers.

Abyssinia Cements P.L.C

Abyssinia Cements PLC is a cement manufacturing company producing Ordinary Portland Cement in Ethiopia. Our factory is located in Chancho, Oromia Region. Our cement has a minimum compressive strength of 43MPa. The quality of the Cement is approved by the Quality and Standards Authority of Ethiopia. We supply in 50 kg bags. Our brand is TENKARA CEMENT.

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Wanza Furnishings Industries P.L.C

Wanza Furnishings Industries Pvt. Ltd. Co. (WANZA), a member of the MIDROC Ethiopia Technology Group, was established in July 2003 and is engaged in manufacturing of wooden furniture used in offices, home and industries.


The Company is established to accomplish the following Business Purposes:

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Kombolcha Steel Products Industries P.L.C

Kombolcha Steel Products Industries Pvt. Ltd. Co. (KOSPI), a member of the MIDROC Ethiopia Technology Group, was established in 1999 and is engaged in steel sheet shearing, ribbed sheet forming, corrugated sheet forming, wire drawing process, wire galvanization, batch galvanization, nail, shoe tack & wood screw manufacturing, steel pole fabrication (swaging process, continuous MIG welding, etc.) and steel structure fabrication and installation activities.

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Elsabet Alemayehu Timber Trading

Elsabet Alemayehu Timber Trading

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Kopos Electro P.L.C.


KOPOS KOLÍN corp. belongs to traditional Czech companies involved in production of electro-installation materials and on the Czech market operates already for many decades.
The company has been formed in 1996 and continues what the the Kopos Kablo Kolín, Ltd. had developed. This company was formed after privatization of the Kablo Kolín state enterprise at the beginning of 1990’s, but history of this company goes back even to the first Czechoslovak republic.

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Kerod Marble & Floor Tiles Manufacturing P.L.C

History of the company

The company was legally established in 21/06/2004 E.C by 8 family members in the name Kerod Marble & Floor tiles manufacturing plc. During that time the company had 20 employs including its member. Then it was added additional man power & machineries which was domestic & imported products. Now a day the company is in progress in all aspects & it has almost 30 permanent & 10 tentative employs in 6 different departments.

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Dan Lift Technology P.L.C

We are the first in Ethiopia to be awarded ISO 9001:2000 Certificate for the design, manufacture, erection of lifts, escalators, spares and after sales services. We design, manufacture, install and maintain our products with commitment to optimizing product safety, comfort, efficiency and durability.

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AB-HAM ENTERPRISE is a private limited company registered and licensed with the approriate ministries to provide a wide spectrum of services in the field of civil engineering, furnishing, electromechanical, & other construction related areas.

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Guna Trading House P.L.C.

ABOUT Guna Trading House P.L.C.

Guna Trading House-PLC, as one among founding members of the holding corporate-EFFORT (Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray), is a private company established in 1992, and by now has a paid up capital of 10 million USD.

It is engaged in export, import, distribution, and business representation/commission-agency activities with an average annual turnover of 50 million USD.

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Ethiopian Marble Processing Enterprise


  • Marble Products
  • Marble Terrazo Tiles
  • Marble Chips
  • Palandian
  • Monument and Kerenbola
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