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Material manufacturers.

AVON Industries P.L.C

Avon Industries PLC is a manufacturer of water tankers, utensils, containers and others. The company is an Indian owned business operating in Ethiopia.

The company manufactures plastic water tankers, utensils, containers and others. 'Geepee' is a well recognized brand and it's enough to see the numerous water tanks that are placed on people's houses in Addis Ababa and other main cities.

Our main Products:

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Ferric Belt

Ferric-Belt A member company of wide Business Group PLC

Product :-

  • D-pipe Shaping
  • Oval Shaping
  • Star Shaped steel
  • Embossed RHS
  • Thread Embossed pipe
  • Round bar, Square bar
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Zemilli Paint Factory P.L.C

Founded in 1998, at a total estimated cost of about 20 million Birr, Zemilli Paint 
Factory is strategically located in the sub-city of Bole in the capital city Addis Abeba. 
Since its establishment, the factory has been committed to producing quality paints 
that are high in demand. Zemilli produces a wide variety of paints, glues and tile 
adhesive that have been developed by a team of research and development 
DH Gedas Zemilli Paints Factory
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ZNK Trading Plc

ZNK trading P.L.c is Importer & Authorized distributor of Larson & tourbro (L&T) Electrical Material in Ethiopia market.

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Marsilas Trading P.L.C

Matsilas Trading Plc 


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AB.Abegaz Trading P.L.C


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Jasco Roofing

Jasco Roofing Stone chip coated steel roofing system :- Home Element Provides you with the best products from Jasco steel rooftile with a variety of light weight metal roofing tiles with a diffrent color options and superior designs. All of these products are made of GALVALUM that is strong and durable, as withstanding even against the most extereme weather conditions. Jasco roofing systems are designed for longlife and low maintenance 

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Art Metal Wrought Iron Works & Supply

Art metal Wrought Iron Works & Supply

Artmetal Ethiopia established in 1999E.c it is a sister company of HAST (Horn of Africa Steel Trading) & WIDE Bussness PLC. Currently Artmetal Ethiopia has three branches through out Ethiopia

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Excel Plastics P.L.C


Different types of product 

Flexible /LDPE/ Conduit 

1 25 22 1.5 1 Rool=100mt
2 19 16 1.5 1 Roll=100mt
3 16 13 1.5 1 Roll=100mt
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