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Material manufacturers.

EKOS Steel Mill PLC

EKOS Steel Mill is the first and major Korean investor in the heavy industries in Ethiopia.

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Attikem Furniture and Design P.L.C

Attikem Furniture and Design has established a reputation in Ethiopia for offering innovative, high-quality home furnishings representing an exceptional value for many years.

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Gelila Engineering P.L.C

Gelila Engineering is a renowned metal construction, electromechanical errection works and industrial Engineering company in Ethiopia. Our company is mainly engaged in production of metal, aluminum, wood equipment and components for building construction, mining, agriculture and transport. Gelila Engineering is also engaged in the erection and commissioning of various plants manufacturing of metal door and window, truss, water tanks ranging up to 20000 liters capacity, aluminum door and window, curtain wall, hand rail and other related metal works.

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Bruh Tesfa Irrigation and Water Technology P.L.C

Bruh Tesfa Irrigation and Water Technology PLC is an Ethiopian company engaged in surveying, study, design, manufacturing, consulting, supply and installation of comprehensive irrigation & water supply systems, maintenance and after sales services. The company was founded in 2004 G.C under Dejenna Endowment which is now merged to be under Endowment fund for rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT).

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Kotebe Metal Tools Factory

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GM Furniture P.L.C

GM Furniture Pvt. Ltd. Co. is a large modernized office and household furniture manufacturer in Ethiopia with a history of more than 20 years. Its brand GM has been unique and reputed in the industry for pioneering, quality manufacturing as well as excellent in sale and after sale services.

The company is a large office and household furniture manufacturing enterprise integrating design, manufacturing and marketing of modern furniture. GM furniture has advanced wooden and metal furniture production lines with machines imported from Europe.

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Ab Plast P.L.C


  • UPVC Pipes and fittings
  • PPR pipes and fittings
  • Electric junction and conduits
  • Fleshing tanks
  • Different Plastic Products


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Geosynthetics Industrial Works P.L.C

Geosynthetics Industrial Works PLC in Ethiopia is a manufacturer and supplier of plastic pipes, rigid conduits, plastic sheeting and gabion netting and various other products, commonly known as “Geosynthetics” that are used for the protection, collection, delivery, and containment of water resources with the state-of-the-art technology.

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Hamattan Wind Technology

Hamattan Vents 

Wind - Driven 

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