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Kerod Marble & Floor Tiles Manufacturing P.L.C

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History of the company

The company was legally established in 21/06/2004 E.C by 8 family members in the name Kerod Marble & Floor tiles manufacturing plc. During that time the company had 20 employs including its member. Then it was added additional man power & machineries which was domestic & imported products. Now a day the company is in progress in all aspects & it has almost 30 permanent & 10 tentative employs in 6 different departments.


  • Addressing client with best product quality with feasible price
  • Sustaining construction progress & positive growth figure
  • Reducing possible wastage of resources by adopting ultimate production technology
  • Providing a healthy & suet working condition for employee


  • Maintaining industry’s firms growth with all rescores
  • Engaging the excel energy to save country’s foreign exchange by reducing industries import goods
  • As a stoke  holder to the national growth of GNP contributing all possible outcome for each succeed

Our uniqueness

  • Sole manufacturer of px-300 heavy duty tiles
  • Uniformly balanced production ratio on in puts variable
  • On time delivery
  • Accepting special order
  • Allowing room for customer preference

Advance in technology

Our company equipped with well qualified and professional, job ethics committed   and they have a timely based orientation focused on work area related affair and safety issues. As company principles our employee do their maximum to maintain lowest wastage rate if it’s happen we have a recycle system which proofed have not any effect on the new product batch.

PX-300 Tiles

Our company is unique for its sole and exclusive product called PX-300 heavy duty tiles it’s have a 500 mm length and 250 mm width and 60mm thick tiles and have 9 types of production custom preference.

Along its variety of product its color and impressive look will stay long up to 150 years along its first look this truth have been discovered and checked out by Chinese Construction input Supervisor Office (CCISO) based on Guangzhou.

PX-300 tiles have two basic parts of core. The first cores of the paving block is consists of iron oxide, marble gravel of 0.0 and 0.1, C-50 ratio OPC cement with well refined river Sand the second layer of the block is mixtures of OPC cement ,river sand and 0.1 aggregate black basaltic. It’s have a capacity to held on up to 250 tons on well mounted blocks at C-30 cement ratio mix on  lean concrete. Beside the production cycles quality control it should pass under a high pressure razor blade in order to make polish and fine groove against its top part in order to maintain friction and making impressive.   Basically its price will varies according to the sectors current market condition, clients product specification and order scale its price will varies max form 450 up to 350 ETB per square meter.

Paving Blocks

Kerod Tiles have another types of product which is commonly produced by most of the sector industries. The product dimension will have a variance from 400X400X55mm up to 300X300X40 mm with 12 types of production option with 32 types of polishing option. Each type of paving blocks has like the PX types have own two cores of layer.

Unlike other sectors firm we make uniform input variable ratio for uniform standard of product. Basically the price will be negotiable but it will have variance based on client’s production specification and scales of order from 165 up to 90 ETB per Square meter.


Due to the new government housing development project terrazzo tiles production development Shaw a good progress.  our firm play significant role by introducing  advanced technology which start from pre production up to post production period. The company has equipped a high pressure hydraulic press machine for 200X200, 250X250 and 300X300 with 20 mm thick tiles.  Beside housing development standard we produce a high class Terrazzo tiles which is composed of Marble gravel, chips with Spain originated iron oxide which is compressed by 180 bar.

Door/Window Sill & Trade and Raiser

Other types of our product which is highly appreciated by most real estate developer like Habesha Construction Material and sunset homes. We produce   compacted and steel reinforced trade riser door and window sill and three types of marble (Wolega,Gojjam,And Harar) with option able size.

Main Office
Bole Subcity, Meri, Bajaj station Particularly Meri near to Bajaj station
Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: 0911 52 58 59/0912 76 12 78
Gured Shola Branch
Bole Subcity, Gured Shola, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Hari Hotel Gured Shola area, near to Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, at Hari Hotel
Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: 0911 79 55 19/0913 21 52 98
Legetafo Branch
Legetafo square Legetafo, next to Legetafo square
Legetafo, Oromia
Phone: 0913 21 52 98/0911 79 55 19
Bulbula Branch
Bole Subcity, Bulbula Particularly at Bulbula
Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: 0912 76 12 78/0911 79 55 19
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