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KASSA and Sons Construction PLC is established on April 1980GC, initially as KASSA G/TSADIK Building Contractor and later on October 1998 got its present constitution. Since 1980GC kassa and sons construction PLC has been a family business centered on one creative vision to provide widest range of solution in parts of  construction. 

YEARS OF EXPERIANCEEver since its establishment our company has been engaged in numerous construction activities that include single and multiple storey Buildings, Compound asphalt works, pipe installation works that require higher precision, Tank installations, various civil works such as Retaining wall and high earth fills as well as several maintenance works.In due time our company has acquired wide experience in expediting construction activities with in the stipulated time frame, high finishing quality and safety at work site. Our company has developed a safety policy and continually creates awareness to our employees in an effort to complying with it. We have also effectively carried out a number of Asphalt Concrete pavement works with fair and consistent finished surfaces which have served for longer durations. Our acquired constructional equipments are generally new and give the required service in earth work encompassing cut and fill activities, constructing of rigid and flexible pavements and diverse concreting and finishing activities. Our company has won awards for being best contractor for the years 2002, 2003 and 2007 GC by SHELL Ethiopia, owing to our endeavor to deliver quality service with in the specified time that set our customers completely satisfied. You may be one looking for a contractor that executes a work with desired quality, time and minimum of supervision. We are here for your satisfaction at its fullest.

As we plead to be your development partner do not hesitate to contact us right now.

Beklobet NOC BuldingWe have be successfully Excuted and hand over various Projects in Addis and upcountry Towns some of the Projects accomplished:-

* Beklobet construction, Addis Ababa, 12.05 MIL completed sept 2008.

* Kolfe G+5 building, NOC, (Base+G+5) Building construction, Addis Ababa, 31.62 MIL completed Oct, 2010.

*Bole Avation Depot, NOC, Construction Depot, Addis Ababa, 15.83 MIL completed Aug, 2010.

Kolfe NOC Building


Bole Depot NOC







Steel Engineering Group in Kassa and  Sons Construction PLC 

At our company steel fabrication Group is formed on April 2011GC, the new facility is the most equipped and efficient steel fabrication work shop located  in legtafo Area. And it is read to provide complete service to our clients a occupied spectrum of steel fabrication, including the industrial commercial and customs market.

  • We are dedicated and committed to lasting relationships with our clients 

  • We are  committed to safety and quality and that the total client  satisfaction begin and end with communication.

  • Our goal is to understand the unique needs of  each client and to offer economical and effective solution to their steel fabrication.

Environmental Health & Safety Policy

Our company follows safety rules and regulation consistent with standard safety rules and other applicable government safety, health and environment requirements. Some of the basic rules that are applied to prevent accidents at work include but not limited to Set Environmental, health and safety objectives.

Keep the staff informed of possible safety hazards.

Before starting a job we make plain any specific hazards and our personnel should have a good understanding of the hazards at their work and counter measure necessary to prevent incidents and injuries.

Keep machinery serviced regularly.

This is to make sure that materials and safety equipment can function properly.

We only allow experienced workers to operate dangerous machinery and we do not allow employees to carry-out high risk tasks alone.

We provide necessary safety and health training to our employees and subcontractors.

Certificate of Shell Safety day 2007The extents of training will depend upon the type of work, the location and duration of job. However, all regular employees will receive similar level of safety training. We provide all required personal protective equipment and clothing so that employees and sub-contractors maintain them in proper operating and sanitary condition and ensure that personnel are trained in the use of the equipments as required.

Train employees and /or sub- contractors to perform their assigned tasks.

All workers are required to be knowledgeable about their assigned duties and this includes all applicable requirements for safety, health and fire prevention associated with the performance of their work.

In the absence of which, our personnel will be trained to perform their assigned duties.

Install safety features (Such as ventilators, fire extinguishers) and calibrate/test them on a regular basis.

Carry-out check to ensure that staffs are complying with safety regulations. This is to confirm that safe work rules and practices define how to do a job safely and hence we check whether all employees know safe work rules and practices and are complied with.

We will identify Occupation illnesses and appropriate actions shall be taken to prevent their recurrence.

Control the use and disposal of all chemical waste in accordance with existing laws and regulation.

Clearly mark emergency exists and keep them clear at all times.

We meet with our employees on a regular basis before and after we begin a new job; to disseminate valuable information and to seek ideas in order to attain collaboration for on-the-job control.

Report and investigate incidents to avoid their repetition, in a timely manner

Kassa  and Sons Construction PLC Steel Fabrication Group

The new work shop is purposely built for steel fabrication, We provide a various kind of Service including :-

Steel fabrication Group

High Capacity Vertical fuel storage tanks,

Fuel tanks

 High Capacity Horizontal Fuel tanks

Warehouse Truss and Metal Canopy

Ground storage tanks

Water storage tanks and elevated tank’s towers

Sheet metal office furniture’sWarehouse Truss and Metal Canopy

Security Grills and fire escapes

On Site fabrication

                        And design, fabrication & installation of different Steel structure works.

Storage tanks

Additional Equipment


Machinery: Numerous, including:

1 Rolling/Sheet metal roll- 10mm rolling facilitiesMachineryRolling Sheet metal roll

1 Radial Drilling and finishing machines

1 Sheet metal bending machine 0.5 up to 11mm

1 Hydraulic press 1000kg Capacity.

1 Leath Machine 17cm

           6 Welding machine Machinery

           2 Compressor 6 CylinderMachinery

           2 Circular Saw

           2 Oxygen Welding  

           1 Cutting machine 8mm thickness facility

            1 Pipe Welding machine

                                            1 CATO TADNO Crane And IVECO platform truck

                                             1 Low Bed and 1 High Bed trucks

                                             And a variety of Grinder punches, presses etc.

Cato Tadno Crane and Low Bed

Manpower and Managements

Managements include:-

General Manger

Deputy General Manger
Human Resource and Administration Head
Transport and Machinery Head
Engineering Head
Finance Manger
IT and Marketing Manger

Ethanol Blending NOC at DukemWe wish to point out that we have a direct experience in service station, Depot work, building construction and now we have various Project on hand some of this:-

* Ethanol Blending plant (NOC) at DUKEM

* Oilibya S/S (Libya OIL) at ADAMA.

                                                          * Face lift & investment works (total Ethiopia) at AWASSA and Service station (WASS) at Gelan.

                   Project on handTotal Ethiopia at AwassaLibya OIL at Adama






Regular Employees in Steel Fabrication Department


One Steel fabrication Forman, Four Machinist, Six Welders one painters four  Assistance  workers .the Company has a good access to the best of Contract, when the need arises.

The company keeps audited accountants and has an open and transparent accounting System

Steel fabrication workshop

The new facility is the most equipped and efficient steel fabrication work shop located  in legtafo Area. In front of  ROPAK

Fabrication workshop operating area

*Floor area 46*25
*25 Meter span
*7 meter over head cranes with 10 Tons
*Purpose of built truck loading              
Steel fabrication Legtafo
Machine workshop operating area                                               
*Floor area 20*25
*25 Meter span
*7 meter over head cranes with 10 Tons
*Purpose of  Building operation 
Steel Fabrication workshop Future Facility
Frame Type Rigid frame(Clear Span)
Width 25.00M (Out Of Out)
Length 65.20M (Out of Out)
Height 7.0M (Out of Out)
Roof Slope 1:10
Bay Spacing 8 at 7.4M & 1at 6.0M
End wall Columns Spacing 5 at 5.0M
Wind Bracing Diagonal Cable bracing for Roof and walls wherever Required by Design.
Roof Cladding (Nominal Thickness) 0.5mm thick KR Galvalume pannels  
Wall Cladding (Nominal Thickness) 0.5mm thick kw pre-painted panels color to be Selected from KIRBY Standard colors
Wall openings All around walls be left opened up to 2.5MHT for Block work by others
Sheeting Accessories Fasteners, Sealant Tape, Flashings Gutters and Down Spouts

You Can get in touch with us directly on, Area  at Legtafo In front of  ROPAK.

This Certificate is awarded to Kassa & Sons General Contractor

Contractor of the year 2002

Shell Ethiopia Ltd Certificate of Excellence

Certificate of Appreciation NOC








Main Branch
Gurd Shola Ethiopian Athletics’ Federation
31219 Addis Abab Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: 0116 46 60 47
Fax: 0116 46 06 36
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